Predicting the 2024 Upset: Newsom’s Ploy to Supplant Biden Unveiled by Patrick Bet-David!

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In an unprecedented prediction, Patrick Bet-David, renowned financial analyst, foresees a shocking turn of events in the US political arena. He unveils a meticulous strategy, where Governor Gavin Newsom could potentially dethrone President Joe Biden in the 2024 elections, using the incumbent’s faltering reputation to his advantage. This, he suggests, would be followed by a short stint of the first female presidency, only to be replaced swiftly by Newsom.

Bet-David’s predictions offer an intriguing perspective on the possible political dynamics of the upcoming 2024 elections. His first step involves Newsom actively defending Biden’s record and displaying unwavering loyalty. This, he suggests, would set a favorable groundwork for Newsom’s presidential bid.

Simultaneously, Newsom, in Bet-David’s strategy, would aggressively counter Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, as Democrats are becoming increasingly confident that former President Donald Trump might be forced to step down from his influential position in the Republican party.

The third phase in this grand scheme hinges on the mainstream media. Bet-David observes that leading outlets like ABC, CBS, and NBC have begun to critique Biden. If this trend intensifies, it could expedite Biden’s potential downfall and clear the path for Newsom.

Bet-David proposes that once First Lady Jill Biden perceives these relentless attacks, a private meeting may be held to discuss strategies for Biden to step down gracefully. This may include lucrative book deals, a series of documentaries portraying Biden as a modern-day FDR, and an assurance of defending his legacy.

In terms of stepping down, Biden may have a few options. This could range from health-related reasons, a desire to spend time with his grandchildren, or a declaration that he’s already ‘fixed’ everything the Trump administration broke.

Newsom’s rise to power wouldn’t be straightforward, as Vice President Kamala Harris would become the first female President, albeit briefly, after Biden steps down. This would inevitably stir controversy amongst party stalwarts, including Hillary Clinton.

Finally, to ensure his election, Bet-David foresees a need for Newsom to divide the DeSantis and Trump camp to discourage the MAGA base from voting for DeSantis.

In this dramatic prediction, Patrick Bet-David unravels a stunning power play that could disrupt the 2024 US election. The potential fall of Biden, a fleeting female presidency, and Newsom’s ascent represent a political chess game of the highest order. However, Bet-David reminds us, “Only the paranoid survive.” Whether this chilling forecast materializes remains to be seen. As the political clock ticks closer to 2024, the world watches in anticipation.

Gary Franchi

Gary Franchi

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