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Unveiling America’s concealed truth, the Next News Network’s “NewsBeat Interactive: 60 Minutes with Franchi” exposes the underbelly of our nation’s socio-political fabric. From Fidelity Month’s counterattack against Pride Month, to the chilling details of Titan sub’s cover-up, from Trump’s fight for his legacy to the Biden family’s nefarious dealings, and finally Biden’s mysterious facial marks – we cover it all. Our commitment? Unmasking the obscured, delivering truth. Brace yourself to delve into the depths of truth on America’s hottest issues.



Our narrative begins with ‘Fidelity Month’. Princeton’s Professor Robert P. George is leading a conservative revolution, challenging the liberal norms of Pride Month. Professor George is calling on Americans to renew their allegiance to God, family, and country – the stalwart pillars of our nation. Public officials, legislators, pastors are heeding his call, broadcasting the message of ‘Fidelity Month’. A return to traditional values may seem regressive to some, but it is seen by others as a necessary course correction, a restoration of America’s moral compass. This ideological shift carries significant implications for the nation’s cultural landscape.

Our investigative journey takes a darker turn with the haunting reality of the Titan sub tragedy. Buried beneath the Atlantic Ocean, this submerged monument is a testament to the lies spun by the Biden administration. They were aware of this catastrophic event from the start, yet elected to conceal it from the American public. This eerie tale of deception becomes more insidious as we uncover the motive: a calculated diversion from a more personal scandal – Hunter Biden’s scandalous dealings. Our government manipulated our grief, our trust, leaving the victims’ families in despair. This betrayal reveals the extent of deceit within the corridors of power.

Ex-President Donald Trump, however, is refusing to retreat. Amid the media frenzy, Trump is mounting a staunch defense against writer E. Jean Carroll’s accusations. This pivotal courtroom drama is becoming a litmus test for truth and reputation. Even with New York’s revised laws and a previous award to Carroll, the jury found her allegations of rape unsubstantiated. As Trump’s legal team challenges Carroll’s unproven claims, the upcoming January trial promises to be a significant turning point in Trump’s post-presidential life. The nation watches with bated breath as the former President fights to defend his legacy.

The labyrinthine saga of Biden family corruption adds yet another twist to our narrative. Incriminating WhatsApp messages have surfaced, tying Joe Biden to his son Hunter’s questionable dealings with China. Eyewitnesses have corroborated Biden’s presence during these exchanges, painting a damning portrait of a former Vice President entwined in a web of corruption. With connections to CCP-linked CEFC and enigmatic billionaire Ye Jianming, the Bidens appear to have put personal enrichment over America’s national security. The fallout from this shocking revelation continues to reverberate across our nation.

Our final segment unravels the mystery behind President Biden’s peculiar facial markings. The explanation? His Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) machine, used to treat sleep apnea. This common but serious condition disrupts sleep, leading to fatigue. Could this condition be responsible for Biden’s recent verbal slip-ups during his 2024 economic plan presentation? While the CPAP machine certainly offers therapeutic benefits, it may be impacting the President’s public image and clarity of speech.

Join us on ‘NewsBeat Interactive: 60 Minutes with Franchi’ as we unmask the veiled, unveil the obscured, and shine a light on truth. Your role in this live-stream news program is integral to our collective understanding of these stories. It’s time to reclaim the narrative.

Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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