Buzz Lightyear Dances with LGBTQ Flag at Pride Parade

The video, which has gone viral, shows Buzz grabbing the rainbow-colored fan from an onlooker and twirling it while he dances.
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Fans of Toy Story were left shocked and outraged by a recent display of supposed LGBTQ+ support by the character Buzz Lightyear. In a video posted on TikTok, Buzz was seen dancing with a rainbow-colored Pride fan during a Disney parade while Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way” played in the background. Some social media users have celebrated this action as a sign of allyship, with one commentator even stating, “We knew Buzz could serve.” However, the majority have expressed disappointment, disbelief, and disapproval, calling Buzz’s behavior inappropriate and unnecessary.

The video, which has gone viral, shows Buzz grabbing the rainbow-colored fan from an onlooker and twirling it while he dances. He then opens and closes it in a flamboyant manner, fanning himself with it as the crowds cheer him on. Some fans have suggested that this behavior confirms rumors that Buzz and Woody, two of the main characters in Toy Story, have more than just a platonic friendship. Others have gone as far as to claim Buzz has cross-dressed in the past, citing the 1995 Toy Story film when the character posed as Mrs. Nesbit at a tea party.

Despite the so-called celebratory response by some, the majority of Toy Story enthusiasts have been left feeling disappointed by this spectacle. Many have taken to social media to express their dismay, with one commenter writing, “This is not why I fell in love with Toy Story.” Others have pointed out that Disney is no longer a family-friendly brand, stating that they would no longer feel comfortable taking their children to Disney parks. Some have even gone as far as to call for a boycott of the brand.

This latest incident comes after Disney’s new Lightyear film received criticism for including woke and LGBTQ content. The film has reportedly performed badly at the box office in several countries, with viewers unhappy with the forced inclusion of political messaging. Some commentators have suggested that this latest Buzz incident is Disney’s attempt to push a political agenda, rather than to remain true to its family-friendly roots.

Overall, it appears that Toy Story fans are increasingly disillusioned with the direction that Disney is taking. Rather than celebrating the original story and characters, the brand is now choosing to invest in politically charged messages that serve to divide rather than unite. This latest incident featuring Buzz Lightyear is just the latest example of this misguided approach, and it remains to be seen how much longer families will continue to support Disney in light of these developments.

Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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