Exit Stage Left: Biden Abandons Live Interview in Progress! White House 2 Word Response is a Total Lie

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In a dramatic turn of events that has the nation talking, President Joe Biden abruptly left the set mid-interview on a live MSNBC broadcast. As he shook host Nicolle Wallace’s hand and made an early exit, viewers were left puzzled. What could have prompted such an unanticipated move from the commander-in-chief? What was he avoiding, or was this just an unfortunate blunder? The perplexing incident has thrown a new spin on the state of the presidency, and America waits with bated breath for any explanation that might shed light on the mystifying incident.

Thursday afternoon’s MSNBC interview with President Joe Biden began like any other. Host Nicolle Wallace, a former aide to Republican notables like the late Sen. John McCain and President George W. Bush, appeared ready to challenge the President on key issues. The stage was set for a rigorous discussion, covering a range of topics from the January 6th uprising and the Supreme Court’s Affirmative Action ruling, to former President Donald Trump.

Despite this, certain other topics were glaringly left untouched. Hunter Biden’s international business transactions and President Biden’s health were not mentioned – two issues which have dominated headlines this week. Was this omission the reason for the President’s abrupt departure?

The interview initially seemed to be progressing smoothly. The President and Wallace conversed about the administration’s bipartisan achievements as the discussion drew to a close. Yet, without warning, Biden rose from his seat, shook Wallace’s hand, and left the set, leaving the host and viewers in stunned silence. The cameras were still rolling, the interview was far from over.

The unexpected departure not only overshadowed the content of the interview, but also sparked a flurry of speculation across social media and news outlets. White House spokesman Andrew Bates added fuel to the fire, tweeting that it was a “power move.”

But was it truly a power move, or was there more to this sudden exit?

Before the dramatic exit, Biden and Wallace had been in the thick of discussing the day’s headline – the conservative Supreme Court’s dismantling of affirmative action in college admissions. Biden called the Court’s decision “not normal,” sparking Wallace to press for more explanation. The President further criticised the court’s recent decisions, citing precedent-setting judgments such as Dobbs, which overturned Roe v. Wade, the landmark case that secured a woman’s right to an abortion at the federal level.

Even as Wallace prodded Biden on why the Justice Department was slow to investigate Trump in connection with the January 6th Capitol attack, Biden held his ground. The President argued that involving himself in a case would be inappropriate, stating, “I have not spoken once, not once, not once, to the Attorney General on any specific case.”

The interview moved onto whether democratic leaders had asked Biden about why Trump had not been charged despite the insurrection’s “foot soldiers” being arrested. Biden was open about his faith in the Justice Department, expressing confidence that the law would prevail.

Despite the intense questioning and sometimes uncomfortable topics, it still remains unclear why Biden made his abrupt exit.

Biden’s unforeseen exit mid-interview, broadcasted live to the nation, has raised many eyebrows and sparked a wildfire of speculation. His abrupt departure, without apparent cause, leaves many questions unanswered and casts an unusual light on the presidency. As the nation grapples to understand this confusing incident, we are left pondering – was it a power move, a mistake, or a strategic evasion? Only time, and hopefully an explanation from the President himself, will truly tell.

Gary Franchi

Gary Franchi

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