Sound of Freedom Skyrockets in Presales, Raising Awareness on Human Trafficking Epidemic

Sound of Freedom Skyrockets in Presales, Raising Awareness on Human Trafficking Epidemic
Sound of Freedom Skyrockets in Presales, Raising Awareness on Human Trafficking Epidemic
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In a startling revelation, “Sound of Freedom,” a highly anticipated movie focusing on the grim realities of human trafficking, has skyrocketed past the $10 million mark in presales, a tremendous figure achieved just two days ahead of the film’s release in theaters across the United States and Canada. The stunning response not only underlines the movie’s appeal but also speaks to the growing public awareness about this heinous crime currently plaguing society.

In a recent press statement, Jared Geesey, SVP of Global Distribution for Angel Studios, expressed gratitude to the supporters, who he affirmed, have consistently championed Christian endeavors. “Time and again, Angel fans have demonstrated their dedication to films that articulate entertainment, blend with inspiration and ‘Sound of Freedom’ harmoniously aligns with this combo,” Geesey said.

According to industry insiders, such impressive presales are astounding the cinema world at large. However, Geesey contends this substantial boom serves another purpose: educating global audiences about the appalling conditions countless children endure daily. The goal he cites is “to stun people outside of our industry, to wake audiences all over the globe to the plight of these children.”

The ambitious studio anticipates selling two million tickets during the opening week, a symbolic representation of the estimated two million children submerged in the horrors of trafficking annually. These figures are a stark reminder of the gravity of the human trafficking situation, promoting awareness on a global scale.

Depicting a true, harrowing rescue mission, Jim Caviezel stars as Tim Ballard, a federal agent who resigns to embark on the high-risk endeavor of saving a young girl from sex slavery in South America. Caviezel communicated the movie’s significant message, saying it represents “a rejection of what they are doing to our Christian culture right now” and identified the rampant “Christian bigotry” globally.

The noted actor, known for his role in the iconic “Passion of the Christ,” drew attention to the contentious issue during a recent interaction on the Christian podcast “Prophets and Patriots.” Caviezel stated: “Christian bigotry is the most accepted form of bigotry, right now, in the world…That’s done.”

The committed Christian and actor also reminisced about his experience with Disney during the making of his 2002 film “The Count of Monte Cristo.” Reportedly, Caviezel stood his ground when Disney proposed eliminating the mention of “God” in the script. Defending his position, Caviezel asserted: “I had to say, no, I can’t do this.” The studio eventually ceded to Caviezel’s conviction, reinforcing the impact of individual spirit.

The gripping narrative of “Sound of Freedom” is an example of motion picture’s potential to expose sinister realities, provoke conversations, and stimulate systemic change. Every ticket purchased stands in solidarity with the two million innocent victims of human trafficking, each one a rallying cry for freedom.

As “Sound of Freedom” gears up for its debut on screens on July 4, 2023, the film presents an enlightening perspective on Christian resilience against social injustices while serving as an urgent call to action against the deplorable crime of human trafficking. The surge in presales communicates the powerful resonance the film holds among audiences, urging a global acknowledgment of the issue and action to rescue these children from unthinkable circumstances. This vigorously anticipated release represents far more than pure entertainment; it embodies a clarion call to uphold human dignity and liberty in the face of cruel adversity.

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