Alien Crafts in US Custody: Unveiling the Truth Behind the Extraterrestrial Phenomenon

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In an unprecedented revelation, Michael Shellenberger, a renowned author, has claimed that the US government is in possession of 12 alien spacecrafts. This shocking disclosure, based on insider information, has sent ripples across the globe. Not only does the US allegedly hold these extraterrestrial crafts, but there are also whispers of a non-human pilot being recovered. This information, if true, could revolutionize our understanding of life beyond Earth. What secrets do these alien crafts hold? How did they end up in US custody? And what does this mean for humanity? Let’s delve into the details.

Michael Shellenberger, the one of the reporters behind the “Twitter Files,” has made a startling revelation that could potentially alter our perception of the universe and our place within it. According to Shellenberger, multiple sources have confirmed whistleblower David Grush’s claim that the United States government possesses a number of non-human vehicles. These sources, either high-ranking intelligence officials, former intelligence officials, or individuals involved in the United States government UAP (Unidentified Aerial Phenomena) efforts for three or more decades, have reportedly seen or been presented with credible and verifiable evidence of the US government’s possession of at least 12 or more alien spacecrafts.

The US government and its military contractors, according to these sources, have shared some of these alien crafts with AARO (All Domain Anomaly Resolution Office). However, AARO has reportedly refused to provide Congress with any verifiable information, claiming it does not have the authority to verify it and may not want to verify it. This raises questions about the level of secrecy and the extent of knowledge within different sectors of the government.

The idea that we are not alone in the universe is widely accepted. However, the notion that there may already have been contact or ongoing interaction between the U.S military and non-human intelligence is shocking. The existence of non-human spacecraft is not just a theory anymore but a claim backed by a growing number of people with reason to know.

The sources have suggested that these crafts are real physical objects, not a mass hallucination. They exist in specific military bases or contractor facilities. Members of Congress could potentially find these facilities and verify the existence of these crafts. This is not just about the existence of alien crafts but also about transparency and the right of the American people to know what their tax dollars and militaries are doing.

David Grush, the whistleblower, has stated that in some cases, there were non-human pilots. This claim was also confirmed by one of Shellenberger’s sources. However, this information was not included in the initial report due to its single-source nature and the need to establish the existence of the crafts first. The potential existence of non-human beings adds another layer of complexity and intrigue to the story.

The crafts reportedly came into U.S military hands through various means. Some were retrieved from crash sites, while others were abandoned and subsequently found by the military. This suggests that these crafts were not just accidentally discovered but actively sought after and retrieved.

The US is not the only country involved in this extraterrestrial race. According to Grush, there is competition between the United States, China, and Russia in terms of developing and reverse engineering these technologies. However, this claim has not been confirmed by Shellenberger’s sources.

The existence of these crafts and the potential interaction with non-human intelligence have significant implications. There have been significant UFO sightings and reports around nuclear weapons sites and nuclear power plants. This suggests that whatever is behind these crafts is expressing some concern around these sites.

The disclosure of this information is not just about the existence of alien crafts but also about the transparency and accountability of the government and the military. The American people have the right to know what their tax dollars and militaries are doing. If there has been some bad behavior or cover-ups, it is the right of the American people to know.

The revelation of the US government’s possession of 12 alien crafts and a non-human pilot is a groundbreaking disclosure that could potentially change our understanding of life beyond Earth. This information, if true, demands transparency from the government and the military. The American people have the right to know what their tax dollars and militaries are doing. As we continue to explore the universe and our place within it, it is crucial that we approach these revelations with an open mind and a commitment to truth. The universe is vast, and we are just beginning to uncover its secrets.

Gary Franchi

Gary Franchi

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