Breaking: Biden’s Hidden China Deals Exposed, FBI Arrests Whistleblower Instead?

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Uncovered! A sensational revelation by Dr. Gal Luft, co-director of the Washington-based think tank, the Institute for the Analysis of Global Security, threatens to shake the very foundations of American democracy. He courageously blows the whistle on alleged corruption involving the Biden family and the China Energy Company, CFC. But, instead of prompting a thorough investigation, he claims that the Department of Justice and FBI used this information to shield the Bidens, leading to his own arrest. What’s the truth? Is this the tip of the iceberg or the whole story? Is America’s justice system being manipulated? Let’s find out.

It’s a startling narrative. In an attempt to protect the integrity of American democracy, Gal Luft, an influential energy policy expert and non-partisan thinker, found himself cornered by the very institutions meant to uphold justice. What followed was a series of events that led to him being slapped with bogus charges, leading to his arrest, a punishment, he argues, for his disclosure.

Luft’s tale starts in March 2019 when he made a decision to share information about the Biden family’s alleged relations with CFC, a Chinese energy firm. Given his roles as an advisor to CFC and co-director of a major energy policy think tank, Luft had insider knowledge about the financial transactions between the Bidens and the Chinese firm.

He says he was prompted to share his knowledge, not by any political agenda, but by a profound concern for the nation’s integrity. With Joe Biden’s potential presidential bid in the offing, Luft felt it his duty to alert the government, fearing another national scandal of foreign collusion, reminiscent of the earlier Russian one, but this time involving China.

The Department of Justice responded by sending a delegation to Brussels, comprising two prosecutors and four FBI agents. One of them, Luft noted, was special agent Joshua Wilson from the Baltimore field office, which also oversees Delaware, Biden’s home state. The scale of the delegation suggested a recognition of Luft’s credibility.

During the meeting, Luft detailed the financial transactions between the Biden family and CFC, revealing specific dollar figures. He also named Rob Walker, who later emerged as Hunter Biden’s alleged bagman. He further revealed the possibility of an informant within the DOJ who had been sharing classified information with Hunter Biden and his Chinese partners.

Despite the gravity of Luft’s allegations, he received no follow-up from the DOJ. His claims were only corroborated when Hunter Biden’s laptop, containing all relevant emails and receipts, fell into the FBI’s hands. The person who seized the laptop? Special agent Joshua Wilson, the very agent who had met with Luft in Brussels. Despite this revelation, no investigation was initiated into the Bidens.

Instead of appreciation for his whistleblowing, Luft recounts, he, his family, his associates, and even his friends faced an intimidation campaign. The climax came when he was slapped with a seven-count indictment alleging violation of the Arms Export Control Act, potentially landing him a 100-year sentence in prison. Luft, however, vehemently denies trading a single bullet in his life.

The charges against him are astounding. Among other things, he’s accused of acting as an unregistered agent of CFC and making a false statement in Brussels, the same city where he decided to disclose his information. Luft asserts he wasn’t paid by CFC or any foreign government. Instead, he portrays himself as a victim, targeted by the DOJ for daring to unveil potential corruption involving a powerful American family.

In a twist to the tale, Luft points out that CFC, dubbed by the U.S. government as a foreign entity with ties to Chinese intelligence, was a registered charitable organization in Virginia, even being a significant donor to the Clinton Foundation and Columbia University. No executive from CFC, Luft notes, has been charged for any wrongdoing.

The timing of Luft’s indictment also raises eyebrows. Why did it take the DOJ six years to charge him, far beyond the statute of limitations? Why was the indictment unsealed just before the 2022 midterm elections? Luft suggests the timing was to distract from a potential Republican-led investigation into the Biden family, should the party take control of Congress.

Perhaps the most alarming aspect of Luft’s story is the portrayal of a justice system allegedly weaponized to protect the powerful and silence whistleblowers. Luft argues he faces the likelihood of not getting a fair trial, pointing to the case of Secretary General Dr. Patrick Ho. In Ho’s New York trial in 2018, the prosecution successfully argued against mentioning the Biden name, claiming it would add a “political dimension” to the case. Luft fears a similar fate awaits him if he’s brought before a U.S. court.

In this narrative of alleged political protection and prosecutorial overreach, Luft has cast himself as the sacrificial lamb, hunted by the same people he sought to inform about a potential security breach. He fears he may live on the run for the rest of his life. His actions, driven by a concern for the integrity of the 2020 elections, may lead to him being disenfranchised in future U.S. elections if convicted.

As we parse through Luft’s account, several questions arise. Why would the U.S. government act against one of its citizens who acted out of concern for the nation’s integrity? Why was Luft targeted in Cyprus, rather than in Israel where he spends most of his time? If Luft’s crimes are genuine, why wasn’t he pursued through standard extradition procedures via the U.S.’s treaty with Israel?

This sensational expose by Gal Luft leaves us with far more questions than answers. Is this a tale of a patriotic whistleblower betrayed by his government? Or is it a narrative built on conjectures, carefully constructed to divert attention from personal misconduct? One thing is certain, though. If Luft’s allegations are true, they would represent a substantial undermining of our democracy and our justice system. Therefore, we, as vigilant citizens, must demand a thorough investigation to ascertain the truth, because if we cannot trust in the impartial

Gary Franchi

Gary Franchi

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