Ex-Trump Staffer Strikes Gold with Ultra Right Beer Amidst Bud Light PR Disaster!

Ex-Trump Staffer Strikes Gold with Ultra Right Beer Amidst Bud Light PR Disaster!
Ex-Trump Staffer Strikes Gold with Ultra Right Beer Amidst Bud Light PR Disaster!
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In a spectacular stroke of entrepreneurial triumph, Seth Weathers, the former campaign manager for Donald Trump in Georgia, has seized upon the PR debacle of Bud Light and its failed partnership with trans influencer Dylan Mulvaney. Stepping into the disquieting uproar that left consumers disenchanted with Bud Light, Weathers has launched the Ultra Right Beer brand. Marketed with unabashed patriotic fervor, it sets itself against what Weathers deems the ‘woke’ beer industry, making a bold mark in the adult beverage market.

Launched in April, Ultra Right Beer’s recent ad featured Weathers himself at the centre of a satirical take on “Smokey and the Bandit,” the 1970s comedy classic. Donning the Burt Reynolds persona, he audaciously crushes a Bud Light can with a baseball bat, proclaiming: “That’s me, Conservative Dad. You’re probably wondering how I got here. This is an unlikely story of a fed-up American who had enough of the woke beer companies and decided to do something about it.”

In a manner as bracing as the Ultra Right itself, the company has racked impressive stats in under a month. With expectations to surpass $1 million in sales after just 15 days, they boast of over 10,000 customers and 20,000 six-packs sold. Sales are only increasing, according to Fox Business, underscoring a striking market response.

Weathers’ mission with Ultra Right Beer is adamant about creating a beer brand Americans can be proud of, free from the clutches of ‘wokeness.’ With a pledge to overthrow what he calls the “blue-haired, woke school board members,” Ultra Right is donating part of its revenue to the 1776 Project, a PAC endorsing “patriotic education.”

Amid Ultra Right’s rise, Bud Light’s misadventures continue. Distressing images on social media show the brand marked with Costco’s ‘Death Star’–an indication that the retailer won’t be restocking. Notable commentators such as Joe Rogan and Ice Cube joined this chorus, criticising Bud Light for shoving controversial social issues down customers’ throats.

Indeed, the Bud Light boycott seems uniquely successful, underlined by two significant factors. Firstly, the interchangeable nature of light beer based on taste allows for easy alternative choices. Secondly, this boycott exhibits concrete financial ramifications for the targeted company. Anheuser-Busch InBev, the parent company of Bud Light, has seen its market capitalization tumble by 25 percent since the disastrous Mulvaney campaign. Industry insiders are even suggesting a permanent loss of 15-20 percent of its market cap.

In these tumultuous times in the beverage industry, it feels appropriate to end this piece by toasting to the audacious spirit of free market capitalism—an icy Ultra Right might just be the chosen one. It seals the humbling reminder of this tale: in the face of misplaced sentiments, a smart businessperson can turn undercurrents of discontent into a market opportunity. The Ultra Right beer saga is a clear example of exactly that and offers a refreshing reminder that consumers’ demand can dethrone established stalwarts and pave the way for insurgent brands.

As the fallout continues between Bud Light and its disillusioned consumers, a burgeoning challenge rises from Georgia: Ultra Right beer is here, determined to stand for traditional values and to serve those hankering for a truly American beer — one that not only quenches thirst but bolsters a felt sense of patriotism in a novel market of ‘unwoke’ beverages.

Next News Network Team

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