Beyond CBDCs: ‘Unified Ledger’ and the Threat of Worldwide Financial Enslavement

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Breaking news that overshadows the concerns surrounding Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs): the Bank for International Settlements (BIS) has unveiled an ominous plan for a “unified ledger,” a universal record of all assets. In essence, this audacious design aims to centralize and control the world’s wealth, paving the way for an unprecedented era of global financial enslavement. We stand on the precipice of a new order where globalists dictate ownership, disrupting our hard-earned financial freedom. Join us as we peel back the layers of this intricate, sinister plot that threatens to shackle the world’s economy.

When we feared the advent of CBDCs, we failed to fathom an even more daunting prospect, a globalized financial straitjacket labeled the “unified ledger.” The blueprint, ironically titled “Blueprint for the future monetary system: improving the old, enabling the new,” advocates the tokenization of all assets, effectively turning them into digital tokens on a centrally governed platform.

Imagine your assets, from bank accounts to bonds, from real estate to stocks, not merely as tangible entities, but as entries in an all-encompassing, programmable ledger, managed by an unaccountable elite. They could modify or erase your ownership at their whim, bending to socio-political agendas, regardless of your consent.

Cryptocurrencies, which operate on decentralized, immutable ledgers, starkly contrast this Orwellian nightmare. They embody freedom, offering a measure of self-custody and autonomy. But the “unified ledger” model aims to smother this freedom, aiming to revoke self-custody.

Under the new plan, you would relinquish control over your assets. Your bank could freeze or seize your wealth, or even declare bankruptcy. Law enforcement could commandeer your assets. But with self-custody of cryptocurrencies, gold, or silver, you control your assets; no entity can snatch them without using force.

Yet, this liberty is what the globalists fear. They strive for a system where you own nothing while they govern everything. The BIS’s strategy even goes beyond CBDCs by amalgamating all central bank assets, encapsulating real estate, stocks, bonds, pensions, and more. In their own words, they aim for a “unified ledger” that “combines central bank money, tokenized deposits, and tokenized assets on a programmable platform.”

Furthermore, this system allows the imposition of regulatory rules set by governments. These could extend beyond traditional financial regulations, infiltrating areas of speech, climate change acceptance, LGBTQ+ narratives, vaccine adherence, and more.

This new order offers a chilling prospect: an economic landscape where the globalists control your assets, subjecting their existence to their caprices and propaganda narratives. Non-compliance could lead to the eradication of your assets.

The fear of self-custody echoes in the hallowed halls of governments, central banks, and the BIS. It offers a means to escape globalist oppression, ensuring you maintain control over your assets.

Traditional bank accounts and most investment instruments are not in your custody. Conversely, physical presence can ensure real estate remains in your custody. Precious metals like gold and silver, when in your possession, constitute self-custody assets. Cryptocurrencies, when held in personal wallets with your keys, present an ideal form of self-custody.

In this looming era of global financial domination, it’s crucial to exercise self-custody, converting fiat currency into gold, silver, and cryptocurrencies. As the specter of the “unified ledger” looms, the prudent will navigate the storm, retaining their financial freedom in an increasingly controlled world.

The revelations surrounding the “unified ledger” are a clarion call for all who value their financial autonomy. This audacious plan by globalists threatens to upend the very foundations of our freedom. The stakes are high, and the implications profound. As the lines of this new financial battleground are drawn, we must resist, seeking refuge in self-custody and decentralized assets. Our resilience, our resolve to retain control of our wealth, will dictate the fate of our economic freedom. The battle is just beginning, and every single one of us has a role to play in defending against the looming shadow of global financial enslavement.

Gary Franchi

Gary Franchi

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