‘Sound of Freedom’ Controversy: Production House Addresses AMC Sabotage Rumors

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Sabotage in the cinema? As the powerful film, ‘Sound of Freedom,’ finds its footing in theatres nationwide, a cloud of controversy threatens its success. Recent claims suggest AMC Theatres, one of the largest chains in the country, may have sabotaged the movie’s roll-out. Is this a case of corporate censorship, or just another internet conspiracy? The studio behind the acclaimed film, Angel Theatrical Distribution, speaks out to set the record straight.

Unprecedented in its subject matter, ‘Sound of Freedom’ has captivated audiences across America, shining a spotlight on the horrors of human trafficking. Yet, its unflinching depiction of such grave realities has not been without controversy. With rumors flying, AMC Theatres, one of the most renowned cinema chains, has been accused of sabotaging the film’s success. Social media buzz and viral videos allege that the theatre made it difficult for audiences to watch the movie. But are these claims substantiated?

To unearth the truth behind these allegations, we turned directly to the source. Angel Theatrical Distribution, the production house behind ‘Sound of Freedom,’ issued an emphatic response to these rumors. Speaking on behalf of the studio, Brandon Purdie, Head of Angel Theatrical Distribution, stated, “We understand there are rumors that AMC theaters have made it difficult for fans to see ‘Sound of Freedom.’ We want to make it clear these rumors are not accurate.”

Purdie lauded AMC as an outstanding partner, highlighting the theatre’s commitment to adding more screens for ‘Sound of Freedom’ in response to its stellar box-office performance. Since its release, the film has raked in over $45 million domestically, earning a coveted A+ CinemaScore for its powerful storytelling.

Despite the studio’s clarifications, fans recount stories of difficulties faced at AMC Theatres. Viral TikTok videos tell tales of tickets refunded without any prior notification. One user shared her experience, “We preordered our tickets, paid for them. At some point today, our tickets got refunded. The theater told us ‘We refunded all the tickets because there’s no air conditioning in our theaters.'”

However, she noticed that the air conditioning was functioning in the lobby, the hallways, and the bathrooms, raising her suspicions. She questioned, “Why did they not send out a notice in an email and say, ‘Hey, we refunded your tickets because there is no air conditioning.’ There was air conditioning in the lobby, there was air conditioning in the hallways, there was air conditioning in the bathrooms – not the theaters?”

This claim, like others, remains unverified and speculative at best. The studio reiterated its stand by asking fans to support AMC, urging them to show kindness to the local theater staff. They stressed, “Summer is the busiest season for people working in theaters, let’s continue to show theaters the love that Angel supporters are known for.”

While some mainstream and left-wing media outlets criticized ‘Sound of Freedom’ for pandering to far-right audiences and conspiracy theorists, it’s important to remember the film’s mission: to spotlight the truth about child sex trafficking. Notably, these media outlets have previously reported on child sex trafficking in various global hotspots like Colombia, making their criticism seem inconsistent.

The ‘Sound of Freedom’ vs AMC saga serves as a timely reminder of our responsibility to discern fact from fiction in an age rife with misinformation. Angel Theatrical Distribution’s clarification debunks rumors of AMC’s alleged sabotage, thereby encouraging fans to continue supporting the film and its laudable mission. Amidst the clamor of viral videos and social media buzz, we must remember the true essence of ‘Sound of Freedom’: a daring portrayal of human trafficking, designed to educate and awaken. In this respect, the film triumphs, and no amount of baseless rumors can dampen its critical message.

Gary Franchi

Gary Franchi

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