Roger Stone’s Prophecy: The One Word Tweet that Signals DeSantis’s Collapse

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The political world has been electrified. Roger Stone, renowned master strategist, retweeted an article from cryptically titled “DeSantis next move – Here it comes the Big Hug“. Is Stone predicting the collapse of Ron DeSantis’s 2024 Presidential Campaign? Or could it be something more? With the hubris of DeSantis’s campaign team seemingly leading to their downfall, Stone’s prophecy may be the coup de grâce.

This is no ordinary tweet from an average political analyst. Roger Stone has been at the forefront of political strategy for decades, and his cryptic one-word endorsement of this article indicates a seismic shift may be underway for DeSantis’s campaign.

The report in question analyzes the ‘Big Hug’ strategy that DeSantis’s team is allegedly about to employ. This strategy involves a shift from confrontation to reconciliation, positioning DeSantis as a ‘white knight’ ready to combat the deep state machinery with calculated precision.

But is this strategy the lifeline DeSantis’s campaign needs? According to the report, the answer is a resounding ‘no’. The report posits that this change of tack is inauthentic and painfully transparent. It will be a hollow attempt to portray DeSantis as a more sympathetic figure, one who is respectful of Trump’s legacy while also fighting against the very elements that sought to undermine it. DeSantis, in essence, will try to position himself as the candidate who can ‘hold them accountable and target the enemies who attacked Trump’.

In other words, the ‘Big Hug’ is a strategy of desperation, a ploy to recapture the favor of Trump’s base by playing the part of the heroic savior, ready to shield them from the alleged deep state enemies. Yet, as the report convincingly argues, this is far too late in the game. The DeSantis campaign’s ‘authentic approach’, it seems, has failed. The campaign’s own hubris led it astray, and it is now frantically attempting to correct course with a strategy that is both inauthentic and highly predictable.

Moreover, this sudden pivot will not fool the savvy political observer. The report argues that it will be ‘obvious to those looking for it’ and ultimately, will prove as unsuccessful as DeSantis’s original campaign strategy. According to the report, the DeSantis campaign is ‘distancing’ itself from confrontational figures such as Christine Pushaw, signaling a shift to a softer, more measured approach.

This change, however, appears to be a facade. DeSantis’s attempt to reposition himself as the ‘deep strategist’ may only serve to further expose the campaign’s inherent weaknesses. It’s a desperate attempt to save a campaign that has been floundering under the weight of its own hubris. The very hubris that led DeSantis to position himself as an antagonist of Trump, a move that proved deeply unpopular with Trump’s fervent base. Now, DeSantis is faced with the task of reversing this perception, a challenge that appears to be insurmountable.

DeSantis’s upcoming interview with CNN’s Jake Tapper, the report suggests, will serve as the launchpad for this new strategy. But will this last-ditch attempt to revive a collapsing campaign work? Or will it merely underscore the campaign’s lack of authenticity and strategic missteps? Roger Stone’s prophetic tweet seems to suggest the latter.

DeSantis’s hubris has brought his campaign to the brink of collapse. The ‘Big Hug’ strategy, a transparent and desperate ploy to recapture lost support, may only serve to accelerate this downfall. As Roger Stone’s cryptic tweet implies, the ‘prophetic reality’ for DeSantis is clear: his campaign, despite all attempts to revive it, is on a downward trajectory, a victim of its own strategic missteps and hubris. It’s a harsh reality, but as Stone’s prophecy reminds us, politics is a ruthless game. And in this game, DeSantis appears to be losing.

Gary Franchi

Gary Franchi

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