Buttigieg Shakes Auto Industry: Electric Cars Future ‘With or Without Us’

Buttigieg Shakes Auto Industry: Electric Cars Future 'With or Without Us'
Buttigieg Shakes Auto Industry: Electric Cars Future 'With or Without Us'
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The Biden Administration’s push towards electric vehicles is causing concern among auto workers and conservative politicians alike. U.S. Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg’s recent comments on CNN only underscored this growing rift between the administration and those who believe that this shift to electric vehicles will be devastating for American jobs.

Buttigieg’s remarks, in which he insisted that “cars were going electric” whether Americans were ready or not, were met with harsh criticism from Senator Josh Hawley (R-MO), who called on the Biden Administration to cancel its “terrible electric mandates.” Hawley’s words ring true for many Americans who fear that the switch to electric vehicles will result in mass job losses and economic devastation.

As Hawley pointed out, the administration’s approach to the auto industry is shortsighted and misguided. By forcing companies to invest in electric vehicles “with or without” their workers, Biden is demonstrating a blatant disregard for the livelihoods of hardworking Americans.

It’s not just conservative politicians who are speaking out against this shift towards electric vehicles, either. Auto workers themselves are voicing their concerns about the future of their jobs. In Michigan, where Biden recently visited to speak with striking UAW workers, there is a palpable sense of anxiety and uncertainty.

For many auto workers, the prospect of transitioning to electric vehicles means losing their jobs and having to start from scratch in a new industry. This is especially concerning for those who have spent their entire lives working in auto manufacturing and who may not have the skills or qualifications necessary to compete in the new green economy.

Furthermore, the administration’s push towards electric vehicles is not rooted in economic reality. As Hawley noted, the costs associated with electric vehicles are simply too high for most Americans to afford. Not only are electric vehicles more expensive to produce, but they also require expensive charging infrastructure that is not yet available in many parts of the country.

The bottom line is that the Biden Administration’s approach to the auto industry is dangerous and ill-conceived. By forcing companies to abandon traditional manufacturing jobs in favor of green technology, the administration is jeopardizing American jobs and the economic well-being of many families across the country. It’s time for the administration to wake up and start listening to the concerns of auto workers and conservative lawmakers who understand the true cost of this misguided push towards electric vehicles.

Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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