Sen. Hawley Introduces the ‘State Border Defense Act’

Sen. Hawley Shakes Up Immigration Debate with State Border Defense Act
Sen. Hawley Shakes Up Immigration Debate with State Border Defense Act
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GOP Senator Josh Hawley introduced the “State Border Defense Act” last week, allowing states that share borders with Mexico, such as Arizona, California, New Mexico, and Texas, to construct their own barriers and prosecute and deport illegal immigrants. Hawley’s move comes in response to current President Joe Biden’s hazardous open-border policies. The legislation allows these states the freedom to take action against illegal immigration within their borders because the federal government has failed to enforce immigration laws in these areas, leaving states like Missouri to deal with the aftermath of illegal border crossings.

As the southern border becomes increasingly overrun by illegal immigrants, Hawley believes that it is necessary for states to have the power to enforce the laws themselves. Illegal immigration is a critical issue facing America, and Hawley’s move is crucial in addressing it. Texas installed buoys in the Rio Grande against illegal immigration, leading to lawsuits, but a federal appeals court later ruled that the border wall installed by Republican Governor Greg Abbott should stay in place.

This has become a significant issue since the Biden administration continues to push for open borders, which threatens American security and angers patriotic Americans. Illinois Governor J.B. Pritzker, a Democrat, is among those pressuring the Biden administration to do more about the influx of illegal immigrants crossing the border, as the numbers of individuals transported to Chicago continue to increase.

The humanitarian crisis is overwhelming the asylum seekers and is creating terrible living conditions for them. Unfortunately, Illinois’s welcome and aid to these refugees have not been matched with support from the federal government. The lack of government intervention and coordination at the border is putting significant strain on Illinois’s resources and threatening their ability to provide adequate assistance.

The State Border Defense Act is necessary because the federal government has failed to manage the border. It is time to give the states the power to enforce federal immigration laws and deport illegal immigrants. If Joe Biden refuses to secure the border, then it’s time to give the states the power to do it. The border crisis is a severe issue that needs addressing and, left unchecked, will turn into a national security crisis. The United States needs to take control of its borders and enforce its immigration laws to protect American sovereignty and ensure the security of its people.

Texas voters have voiced their support for the border buoys, indicating that they understand the dangers of illegal immigration and the impact it has on their communities. The Mexican drug cartels have an enormous influence on illegal border crossings, and it is crucial to defend our state from their invasion. Abbott’s actions demonstrate the lengths that states must go to protect themselves when the federal government fails to act. Only by giving states the power to enforce borders and prevent illegal border crossings can America begin to address this critical issue.

Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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