Shocking Confession: Kathy Griffin Adopts Bizarre ‘Cat-Cow’ Yoga to Battle PTSD After Anti-Trump Stunt Backfires!

Kathy Griffin's Wild PTSD Therapy: Meowing, Mooing, and Yoga!
Kathy Griffin's Wild PTSD Therapy: Meowing, Mooing, and Yoga!
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Kathy Griffin, a far-left comedian/actress known for her controversial antics, recently revealed her unconventional methods for coping with PTSD, which she claims was exacerbated by the backlash from her infamous anti-Trump stunt in 2017. Griffin’s career took a nosedive after she posted a photo with a replica severed head of President Trump, an act widely condemned for its tastelessness and disrespect.

Despite her professional downfall, Griffin has attempted to stay relevant by discussing her struggles with lung cancer and PTSD. In a recent interview with Vulture, she spoke about using a technique she calls “cat-cow” during yoga, where she imitates the sounds of these animals. “It’s when I get on all fours like a kitty cat and then I arch my back and I am instructed by my teacher to say the word meow. I feel like a fool, but I do it,” Griffin stated.

Griffin’s approach to managing her PTSD also involves making cow noises during yoga sessions. She acknowledges the absurdity but insists on its necessity for her wellbeing. “PTSD is tough, and when I get PTSD attacks, I can’t stop vomiting. So if I have to meow like a kitty cat and moo like a cow, I’m gonna do it,” she explained.

In her typical fashion, Griffin tried to link her personal struggles to the broader political climate, suggesting that audiences could relate to her experiences due to the supposed “trauma” of the Trump era and the COVID-19 pandemic. However, her attempts to politicize her condition and connect it to the Trump administration seem like a stretch, given that her issues largely stem from self-inflicted controversies.

Griffin also brought up a DOJ investigation into her conduct and President Trump’s calls for her to be charged over the severed head photo, citing these as contributing factors to her PTSD. Her attempts to cast herself as a victim in these circumstances, given the provocative nature of her actions against a sitting president, seem to be another effort to regain public sympathy and attention.

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