Kerry’s Climate Crusade: Trading US Energy Dominance to China?

Kerry's Climate Crusade: Trading US Energy Dominance to China?
Kerry's Climate Crusade: Trading US Energy Dominance to China?
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Headlines have recently been dominated by Special Presidential Envoy for Climate, John Kerry, who continues to influence the international climate conversation despite his non-scientific background. The question being increasingly asked across America’s heartland and far beyond is ‘Why?’. Kerry, representing the world’s giant of a constitution – the United States, is meandering through delicate issues that stand to fundamentally impact this nation, and yet lacks the scientific grounding that should be fundamental to such undertakings.

The envoy spearheads a campaign which targets the very heart of the American way of life and stability – the coal and gas power plants. Last week, he was seen hobnobbing with world elites in Dubai, seeking their blessings for their draconian narrative of a post-coal world. The Powering Past Coal Alliance (PPCA) welcomed him with open arms and added the United States to a growing list of 56 nations committed to phasing out coal power plants.

Might one pause here and illuminate the magnitude of this decision? To the unversed, it seems an innocent commitment towards a cleaner world. In reality, this translates into a radical shake-up of the existing American electricity landscape, threatening the shelf-life of coal that, as of current data, accounts for a whopping 60% of US electricity. Lest we forget, the absence of coal facilitates, quite simply, a demise.

The proposed solution laid out by Kerry – Chinese windmill – begs attention for its baseless thought process. The logic of replacing 60% of national energy demand with an alternate source that currently supplies less than 10% seems nothing short of a fantastical unfeasibility. A blueprint that aims to scatter tens of thousands of Chinese-made windmills across vast American landscapes to satiate those baying for a global warming cure, even at the cost of a nation’s falling, is deeply troubling and unnerving.

Furthermore, the hypocrisy of this solution seemingly eludes Kerry and his ilk. These Chinese windmills would arrive on American shores aboard gas-powered ships, highlighting an ironic paradox at the heart of this climate commitment. The proposed signin of the United States to the PPCA not only threatens the American landscape and stability but also unravels the economic dominance of the country, making it more reliant on energy technology imports.

This has not gone unnoticed. U.S. Senators John Barrasso and Josh Hawley have written a letter highlighting Special Envoy Kerry’s oversight in addressing “China’s abuse of the international climate system.” They argue, rightfully, that the Paris Agreement, which Kerry supports, offers China a free ride in climate agreements while leaving American interests to languish.

Unfolding before our eyes is an unnecessary surrender of America’s prime geopolitical advantages — abundant, reliable, and affordable energy. Kerry’s unchecked climate march is pushing the nation towards greater dependence on China while ruthlessly stripping it of its inherent energy riches.

In conclusion, attempting to dismantle or drastically alter a system that has undergirded our way of life for as long as we’ve known it, makes little sense, scientifically or pragmatically. The actions and direction of John Kerry warrant greater scrutiny and a full appreciation of their potential ramifications. If conviction and personal ambition are left untethered, they pose a harsh risk to a nation’s survival. As responsible citizens and custodians of liberty, we must question, probe, and challenge such decisions that bear dire consequences on our way of life. The tale of climate commitment under Kerry’s watch is a wake-up call for America, a bell tolling for the freedom and way of life we hold dear.

Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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