Van Jones’ Shocking Proposal: Mount Rushmore to Feature Declining-President Biden!

Van Jones' Shocking Proposal: Mount Rushmore to Feature Declining-President Biden!
Van Jones' Shocking Proposal: Mount Rushmore to Feature Declining-President Biden!
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CNN political commentator Van Jones has made a baffling suggestion to add President Joe Biden’s face to Mount Rushmore, the President notorious for banning July 4th celebrations at the iconic monument in 2021, 2022, and 2023. This proposal, highlighted during the Fourth 2024 GOP Primary Debate coverage, was met with incredulity and mockery.

Paul Sperry, a Senior Reporter at Real Clear Investigations, reported Jones’ assertion that Democrats revere Biden for his “accomplishments” to the extent that he deserves a place on the monumental landmark. Jones claimed, “If Joe Biden were to quit right now, he’d be on Mount Rushmore.”

This statement sparked immediate skepticism and criticism. Former Republican Congressional candidate Josh Barnett openly questioned the basis of this accolade, asking, “What accomplishment? Specifically what, @VanJones68?” Brent Scher, in a pointed jab, commented, “Lol @VanJones68 just said Joe Biden would be on the Mount Rushmore of Democratic presidents based on achievements… citing his work on anti-Asian hate In case you were wondering why nobody watches @CNN.”

Adding to the controversy, a report by Rep. Harriet Hageman referenced on November 29th highlighted another contentious Biden administration decision. According to Wall Street Apes, Hageman condemned the administration’s plans to house thousands of illegal aliens in tent cities within national parks. She accused the administration of debasing national heritage and violating federal statutes related to the management and protection of these parks.

This latest move by Biden was contrasted with the stringent environmental scrutiny faced by states like Wyoming in their efforts to prevent wildfires, while the housing of illegal aliens in national parks apparently bypasses such reviews.

Jones’ suggestion comes as Biden’s approval ratings continue to plummet, even among Democrats. A CNN poll from late November indicated a dismal 37% approval rating among US adults, with a 63% disapproval rate among registered voters.

The poll further revealed a significant drop in approval across various demographics, including college graduates, Black Americans, Latino Americans, and those with and without college degrees. Biden’s support among Democrats has fallen from over 80% to 72%, and among self-described liberals to 63%.

In the face of such declining support and controversial decisions, the proposal to enshrine Biden on Mount Rushmore appears increasingly out of touch with public sentiment, particularly given his loss of support from key voter groups, including Black Americans, some of whom are shifting their support to former President Donald Trump.

Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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