Biden’s Approval Rating Hanging by a Thread

Biden's Approval Ratings Crawl Up, Economy Shows Faint Hope Amidst Challenges
Biden's Approval Ratings Crawl Up, Economy Shows Faint Hope Amidst Challenges
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President Joe Biden’s job approval rating continues to flounder at a dismal 39%, barely rising from historic lows of 37% in the previous months. This marks the fifth instance in 2023 that Biden’s rating has plummeted below the 40% mark, showcasing a consistent trend of dissatisfaction among Americans with his presidency.

During the latest polling period, the ongoing war between Israel and Hamas persisted, Ukrainian President Zelenskyy sought Biden’s aid in the conflict with Russia, and House Republicans united in a vote to initiate an impeachment inquiry against Biden. These events underscore the mounting challenges facing the Biden administration, which seems to be struggling to effectively address them.

Biden’s approval ratings among Republicans have been abysmally low, stagnating in single digits since August 2021. Even among independents, who typically show fluctuating opinions, approval only slightly improved from a record-low 27% in November. Democratic support for Biden has also seen a decline, dropping from 83% to 78%.

Comparing Biden to his predecessors at the same point in their first term, his 39% approval rating is the lowest. Both Obama and Trump had higher ratings, and all other recent presidents were above 50% at this stage. This stark contrast underscores the unique challenges and unpopularity Biden faces compared to his predecessors.

Economic confidence in the U.S. remains negative, despite a slight improvement. The Gallup Economic Confidence Index reflects ongoing public concern, with a substantial majority rating the economy as fair or poor and believing it’s getting worse. Although there are signs of economic improvement, issues like inflation and government policies remain high on the list of American concerns.

As Biden enters 2024, he faces not only a tough reelection campaign but also a continuous battle with low public approval. Economic challenges, involvement in international conflicts, and an ongoing crisis at the U.S.-Mexico border remain critical issues. With immigration being a major concern for Republicans, it is expected to be a focal point in the 2024 presidential campaign.

Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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