Exposed in Times Square: Job Creators Network Slams Biden’s Economic Disaster with Bold New Year’s Resolutions!

JCN's Times Square Statement: Economic Resolutions for Biden in 2024
JCN's Times Square Statement: Economic Resolutions for Biden in 2024
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In the bustling heart of Times Square, a bold message from the Job Creators Network (JCN) loomed large, calling out the Joe Biden White House for its catastrophic policies that have wreaked havoc on the economy, skyrocketed government spending, and suffocated small businesses with overbearing regulations. As thousands gathered to witness the iconic ball drop, they were confronted with a glaring truth: Biden’s administration must urgently adopt New Year’s resolutions to salvage small businesses and the faltering economy.

The towering JCN billboard screams “HEY JOE! WE MADE YOU A LIST OF NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTIONS,” outlining four critical changes the Biden administration needs to make immediately.

JCN President and CEO Alfredo Ortiz pulls no punches in his statement, urging the Biden administration to ditch its harmful policy agenda in 2024 and instead focus on reviving the small business community that’s drowning in an underperforming economy. Ortiz’s words resonate with the estimated one million people flooding Times Square, placing the JCN’s billboard right at the epicenter of attention.

This isn’t the first time JCN has taken a stand. Last month, they branded President Joe Biden “the real Grinch” in a Times Square billboard, condemning his disastrous economic approach, reckless spending spree, and blatant hostility towards domestic energy production – all of which are stealing the joy from small businesses nationwide.

In a time of celebration, the JCN billboard serves as a stark reminder of the urgent need for a drastic policy overhaul. As revelers ring in the New Year, the message is clear: it’s time for the Biden administration to wake up and make resolutions that actually benefit the nation and its hardworking small business community.

Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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