Barbra Streisand’s Anti-Trump Memoir Flops

Barbra Streisand's Memoir Fumbles Amid Mega Stars: Celebrity Clout vs Public Sentiment
Barbra Streisand's Memoir Fumbles Amid Mega Stars: Celebrity Clout vs Public Sentiment
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Despite an aggressive marketing campaign spearheaded by Barbra Streisand herself, her memoir, “My Name Is Barbra,” has underperformed in the market, with a meager 212,000 copies sold since its November release. This number is significantly lower compared to the massive sales of recent memoirs by Prince Harry and Britney Spears, each outselling Streisand’s by more than fourfold.

Retailing at a steep $47, “My Name Is Barbra” launched on November 7 and, according to Publishers Weekly, its sales figures have failed to break into the year’s top 25 bestsellers. In stark contrast, Prince Harry’s “Spare” has enjoyed a remarkable sale of 1.2 million copies since its launch last January. Britney Spears’ “The Woman in Me,” released just a month prior to Streisand’s book, has already sold 908,000 copies.

Streisand’s disappointing performance comes despite her extensive media tour, including inviting journalists to her extravagant Malibu estate. Her memoir, spanning nearly 1,000 pages, delves into politics, criticizing former President Donald Trump as “completely unfit” for office while lauding her friends, Bill and Hillary Clinton. Streisand, a staunch Democrat and vocal supporter of Joe Biden, has continued to express her support for him into the 2024 presidential election, despite widespread economic challenges and global unrest.

Her book’s lackluster sales could reflect a growing disinterest or perhaps even a backlash against her outspoken political stance, particularly her severe criticism of Trump and unwavering praise for Biden, despite his contentious presidency. As Streisand positions herself for the 2024 election, her memoir’s performance might indicate a shift in public sentiment, particularly among readers tired of celebrity political endorsements.

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