Country Stars Acquire ‘Field & Stream’: An Unexpected Mashup of Music & Outdoors!

Country Stars Acquire 'Field & Stream': An Unexpected Mashup of Music & Outdoors!
Country Stars Acquire 'Field & Stream': An Unexpected Mashup of Music & Outdoors!
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In a surprise move that has intrigued the realms of American entertainment and publishing, country music superstars Morgan Wallen and Eric Church have acquired the iconic Field & Stream brand and magazine. This unexpected fusion of country music and outdoor lifestyle was announced on Thursday, leaving fans and industry analysts alike waiting with bated breath to see how these disparate worlds will converge, reported USA Today.

Field & Stream, a longstanding vanguard of the American outdoors traditions and journalism, was founded in 1871, offering its adventurers and conservationist readers a wealth of valuable information for nearly 150 years. The publication waved its print goodbye in 2020, opting for an online-only presence, much to the chagrin of its loyal base. However, Wallen and Church have announced plans to bring back the favored feel of paper-bound Field & Stream, along with hosting an outdoor music festival this fall, deeply integrated with the Field & Stream brand.

The personal connection to the purchase for these entertainers doesn’t end at merely being outdoor enthusiasts. “I can remember my grandfather kept a few of his favorite Field & Stream magazines on the dash of his truck… They were my Bible,” Church reveled in a recently released press statement. “I can remember my grandfather kept a few of his favorite Field & Stream magazines on the dash of his truck. That truck took us on hundreds of outdoor adventures and I all but memorized every story and every picture on every page. They were my Bible. It is the honor of my life to ensure that legacy carries on, to be both this responsibility to an American Icon and to a young boy in his papaw’s truck that will guide our steps,” he poignantly added.

Wallen resonated with Church’s sentiments. “There’s nothin’ I love more than being with friends around a campfire, on a boat or in a deer stand – and Field & Stream represents all of those to me,” he proclaimed, his passion for outdoor bonhomie evident. “Being part of its future is incredible and we want to keep bringing people together outdoors, makin’ memories, for generations to come,” he further stated.

The challenging task of rejuvenating Field & Stream has been entrusted to Doug McNamee, the former president of the popular lifestyle brand, Magnolia. As per USA Today, McNamee stated, “We are committed to reinforcing Field & Stream’s legendary status as the authoritative voice of the American outdoors.”

The company refresh will be comprehensive. Plans are in place to revamp the website, introduce new merchandise, organize a Field & Stream music festival starring top country music talent, and roll out thrilling outdoor activities including on-site camping, rafting, shooting sports, fishing, hiking, ATV off-roading, etc. An exclusive membership club with enthralling perks is also on the card for the fans.

In conclusion, this acquisition by Wallen and Church presents tremendous potential in bridging the gap between music entertainment and outdoor lifestyle sectors, while also igniting a potentially lucrative synergistic relationship. The bold revival of Field & Stream embodies the spirit of adventure, camaraderie, and the quintessentially American passion for the great outdoors. By intertwining these experiences with their country music prowess, Wallen and Church may be ushering in a new era where outdoor enthusiasts and music fans come together, preserving and propagating the time-honored legacy of Field & Stream. In doing so, they honor past generations who cherished this magazine, while inspiring future ones to continue the tradition. This visionary venture shows us that respect for history, passionate innovation, and an abiding love of nature can coexist, trailblazing a path for generations to look forward to.

Next News Network Team

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