NFL Draft Prospect Stuns Combine: Disbelief in Space and a Flat Earth Supporter!

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Breaking news: NFL Draft Prospect Causes Stir at the Combine with Unusual Beliefs

In an unprecedented instance shaking up the annual NFL Combine, and straying well beyond the traditionally spotlighted 40-yard dash speeds or bench press counts, highly touted prospect Tyler Owens, a safety out of Texas Tech, has gained notoriety for his controversial beliefs rather than his potential on-field prowess. Owens, who might well represent football’s fastest athlete at the event, stunned both sports and science enthusiasts when he publicized his disbelief in the existence of outer space and expressed his support for flat earth theories.

Owens, asked about his thoughts during a media event, made headlines with his forthright confession: “I don’t believe in space,” Owen’s commented, as recorded on a video shared by Bleacher Report’s Brent Sobleski. “I think we’re alone right now. I don’t think there’s other planets and other stuff like that.”

In an added twist, the Texas Tech star also offered credibility to discussions often instigated by flat earthers – a group that fervently asserts that the earth is not a sphere but is, in stark contrast to globally accepted scientific consensus, entirely flat. “I thought I used to believe in the heliocentric thing where we used to revolve around the sun and stuff,” Owens reflected. “But then I started seeing flat earth stuff and I was like, this is kind of interesting. They started bringing up valid points, so I mean I don’t know, could be real, couldn’t be.”

Despite becoming arguably the most intriguing personality at the Combine, Owens is no stranger to acclaim. Known for lethal speed and explosive athleticism, the safety was regarded as one of the nation’s top recruits in his high school years. Following a stint with the Texas Longhorns, Owens transferred to Texas Tech for his final two seasons, displaying skills that have draft experts predicting a promising NFL career.

Owens’ unexpected revelations have undoubtedly thrust him into the limelight in Indianapolis, setting the sports world abuzz and providing an unforeseen example of the intersection between professional athletics and the scientific worldview. It remains to be seen if the furor surrounding Owens’ statements will impact his chances in the forthcoming draft, but the audacious controversy certainly cements his standing as a public figure not only for his speed but, now, for his off-beat views.

Indeed, as Owens himself admits, questioning established truths, even in the face of universally accepted terrestrial knowledge, could be fascinating. “Could be real, couldn’t be,” as Owens says of flat earther theories. The same could be said of his NFL future. Will it be flat, or will it – in the light of his football brilliance and the controversy around his beliefs – continue to race towards an ascendant orbit? It remains to be seen.

In conclusion, this groundbreaking occurrence underscores how extreme personal beliefs, when suddenly brought to the forefront, can swiftly cause polarizing discourse among an unsuspecting audience. It showcases the potential durability and drapery of preeminent athletic talent in paving the proverbial ‘way out’ of publicly contended perspectives. As the sports world awaits Owens’ imminent NFL journey, the event lingers as an indelible reminder of the surprising, often conflicting vistas that can emerge from the collision of modern athletics and ancient science. It’s a vivid reminder that, indeed, the world, and indeed the universe, may not always be as flat as it seems.

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