Footloose Fervor: Kevin Bacon Returns to Movie’s Original High School for 40th Anniversary Fiesta!

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Breaking news that will have any “Footloose” fan ready to kick off their Sunday shoes: as the iconic film celebrates its 40th anniversary, none other than Kevin Bacon, the original Ren McCormack, is all set to make a triumphant return to the Utah high school where parts of the movie were shot. The news carries an additional sweet note, as it marks the fulfillment of a fervent #BaconToPayson social media campaign led by the students of Payson High School. The campaign not only garnered attention but also evoked awe and applause from Bacon, who agreed to visit the school on a pivotal day—their prom.

According to Bacon, the announcement, which was made during a segment on the “Today” show focusing on Payson High and its famous ties to “Footloose,” was largely influenced by the students’ passionate campaigns, which included ingenious recreations of memorable scenes from the film. The call-to-action even included initiatives towards supporting Bacon’s foundation, an act that truly resonated with the actor.

Speaking through a video call to a gym filled with expectant students, Bacon praised the students’ creativity and their heartfelt endeavors. His words, “I have been so impressed with everything that’s been going on there with this crazy idea to get me to come back,” were met with deafening cheers and jubilations. In a video he ended with the words, “Let’s dance,” harkening back to the spirit of the film wherein he defies a ban on dancing in the small town by throwing a dance-filled prom.

This isn’t the first time Bacon expressed his affection towards Payson. He had previously sent a video message in 2009, empowering and encouraging the students to embrace being different and to care for one another, reminiscent of the underlying message in “Footloose”.

Payson High stands tall today with reminders of its celluloid legacy. A plaque on Ren McCormack’s locker from the film, which reads, “Congrats! You’ve got Kevin Bacon’s locker!” is a source of pride for the school. Additionally, several stills from the film adorn the halls, a powerful visual display of the continued connection between the school and the movie.

As part of the 40th-anniversary celebrations, Bacon’s foundation,, endeavors to create 40,000 humanitarian kits. Bacon’s visit to the school on prom day will extend beyond nostalgia as members from his foundation will join the students in preparing the kits for various local charities. According to the student council advisor, Jenny Staheli, her pupils are thrilled by the prospect of contributing significantly towards this noble cause, solidifying the bond between them, Kevin Bacon, and the cherished film.

In conclusion, the “Footloose” 40th anniversary promises to be a memorable occasion, especially for the students of Payson High School. Bacon’s upcoming visit represents not just the culmination of their social media campaign but a beautiful opportunity to participate in an important humanitarian cause via Bacon’s foundation. The actor’s return is a testament to the enduring spirit of “Footloose,” a reminder that even four decades on, “Footloose” continues to inspire, impart joy, and most importantly, a celebration of liberation, expression, and unity through the power of dance. Fittingly, this anniversary event underscores an essential “Footloose” motto: “There’s nothing wrong with shaking what you got.”

Next News Network Team

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