Diana’s Secret Twin Gown: The Untold Story of a Royal Wedding Backup Dress Finally Revealed!

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In a startling revelation that has captivated royal enthusiasts worldwide, the iconic wedding gown that graced 20-year-old Lady Diana Spencer as she ascended the steps of St. Paul’s Cathedral to marry Prince Charles on July 29, 1981, had a secret twin. Unbeknownst to the young bride and the millions watching on television, the designers behind the majestic dress had crafted a second, mystery dress as a precautionary measure for any unforeseen circumstances.

Elizabeth Emanuel, who, along with her former husband David, designed Princess Diana’s legendary wedding dress, confided to PEOPLE that she feared possible theft, damage, or other calamities that might endanger the gown. To avert disaster, Elizabeth resolved to create a backup dress, quietly drawing inspiration from a pink number that the Emanuels had designed for Diana to wear at a private ball just days before her wedding.

The spare dress contrasted significantly with the famous one Diana donned on her big day, noteworthy for its absence of an elaborate train. Made from white silk – rather than the deep ivory of the royal wedding dress – the backup boasted slim, fitted arms adorned with frilly cuffs. While Elizabeth hand-embroidered the intricate designs on Princess Diana’s actual dress, the fabric for the alternative gown was crafted from ready-made material.

However, the additional dress was never completed, and its fate is unknown. Reflecting on the intense pressure and excitement in the lead-up to the 1981 royal wedding, Elizabeth reveals that Diana found solace in the studio, loving to chat with seamstresses and browse the clothing racks. As a testament to her creativity, Elizabeth recently recreated the backup dress after locating old sketches, intending to showcase it at the virtual Princess Diana Museum.

Comparing engagements with the Emanuels to more recent royal weddings involving designers Sarah Burton (Kate Middleton) and Clare Waight Keller (Meghan Markle), Elizabeth recalls the immense public interest and scrutiny surrounding her collaboration with Diana. They even resorted to scattering fabric scraps of varying colors in bins just to confound the inquisitive journalists.

Looking back at the pivotal moment when she and David helped Princess Diana into her horse-drawn carriage for the unforgettable royal wedding, Elizabeth reminisces, “We could hear the people outside cheering. Everybody was happy and smiling. It really was a fairy-tale wedding.”

Though it never made its public debut, the existence of a second, mystery wedding gown for Lady Diana Spencer casts a fascinating new light on the unforgettable fairy-tale wedding that captivated the world nearly forty years ago. And as the iconic dress’s secret twin finally emerges from the shadows, it adds to the ever-growing legend of a woman whose grace, style, and spirit continue to enchant us all.

Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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