Blair Witch Star Exposes Hollywood’s Dark Side – Fans Shocked by Reboot Revelations & Actor’s Outrage

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In a stunning display of outrage, Joshua Leonard, one of the stars of the 1999 horror classic “The Blair Witch Project,” has publicly condemned Lionsgate’s announcement of a forthcoming reboot of the iconic film. The revelation has left fans shocked and questioning the Hollywood giant’s motives and treatment of original cast members.

Leonard expressed his frustration through a lengthy Instagram post, exposing how the studio allegedly left him in the dark regarding the reboot announcement, which took place at CinemaCon on April 10. The actor’s scathing recount of his experience with the studio since the original film’s release 25 years ago provides an unsettling insight into the workings of the industry.

“The Blair Witch Project,” a low-budget film that became a massive success, raked in nearly $250 million worldwide. The movie’s premise is centered on three student filmmakers investigating the legend of “The Blair Witch” in the woods of Maryland. Their subsequent disappearance fuels the suspense and horror that has captivated audiences since its release.

This gripping tale was shot in just eight days on a shoestring budget of around $60,000, according to Entertainment Weekly. Artisan Entertainment, later acquired by Lionsgate, purchased the film for a cool $1.1 million after its premiere at the Sundance Film Festival in 1999.

Amid this dramatic recount, Leonard contradicts an anonymous “Hollywood insider” claim that the movie’s stars were paid a staggering $4 million. In reality, according to Leonard, the actors only made a mere $300,000 and “never saw another dime.” The cast even ended up in a legal battle with the studio to reclaim their names, as they were used in the film.

It’s clear that the actor believes the original film’s success was due to a unique collaboration of “weirdos” with little resources who managed to create a film that resonated with audiences. In his words, “Can we just go on record and say that the film itself is a huge part of why we’re still talking about it 25 years later?” Yet Leonard alleges that for all their hard work, the cast has faced “25 years of disrespect” from the profiteers.

In this damning exposé, Joshua Leonard shines a light on the dark underbelly of Hollywood, revealing the apparent mistreatment and gross misrepresentation of a cast that created a genre-defining film. As fans eagerly await the reboot announcement, Leonard’s powerful words serve as a stark reminder of the importance of honoring the creative forces behind such a groundbreaking project.

The actor’s passionate conclusion, “I’m so proud of our little punk-rock movie, and I love the fans who keep the flames burning,” reflects not only his love for the original work but also his resolve to ensure that the industry doesn’t continue to profit off the backs of dedicated artists without giving them the respect and recognition they deserve.

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