CBS and NBC Shockingly Accuse ‘Unyielding’ Netanyahu of Favoring War Over Jail – Click to Find Out Why!

CBS and NBC Shockingly Accuse 'Unyielding' Netanyahu of Favoring War Over Jail – Click to Find Out Why!
CBS and NBC Shockingly Accuse 'Unyielding' Netanyahu of Favoring War Over Jail – Click to Find Out Why!
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Let’s get down and dirty, folks. American news programs CBS Mornings and NBC Today are up to their old tricks again, moaning about Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. President Biden has turned his back on Israel and these outlets are trying to amplify the criticism, suggesting Netanyahu is doing everything in his power to keep the war going and avoid jail.

CBS correspondent Ramy Inocencio brought back Chuck Freilich, a former Israeli national security adviser to fuel the fire. For the second day running, he insinuated without a shred of evidence that Netanyahu is using the conflict with Hamas for his personal advantage and to evade his legal woes. Now, this is coming directly from the same source who earlier accused Netanyahu of “fraud, bribery, and breach of trust”.

Not wanting to be left behind, NBC’s Richard Engel jumped on the bandwagon, hitting out at Netanyahu after delivering some weepy, propaganda-laden stories about Hamas. Engel bewailed that “Netanyahu is fighting tooth and nail against Rafah,” signaling a tough position for Israel that displayed a determination to go it “alone”. More than just a dig, Engel audaciously whined about a relaxed interview Netanyahu had with Dr Phil.

Ironically, the same Engel has cheered on countless unchallenging interviews with prominent liberals like Jimmy Carter and the Kennedy clan. He couldn’t resist delivering more woeful tales about Gaza and throwing out bold claims that Israel has “already crossed President Biden’s red line” with limited strikes on Rafah.

According to Engel, this was based on reports from NBC’s Gazan stringers who apparently have shown that these strikes “already attacked Rafah’s main population centers”. But what takes the cake is his insinuation that Israel — not Hamas — is why there’s no ceasefire deal. The script didn’t end here. The woeful tale went on to claim that the Rafah operation derailed hostage negotiations and cease-fire talks.

Ladies and gentlemen, let’s call it for what it is – biased reporting. These mainstream media platforms are spinning a yarn that furthers their agendas, ignoring the obvious truths that lie beneath the surface. They paint Israel as the villain while turning a blind eye to Hamas’ rocket attacks.

To round this out, let’s remember one thing – media biases should never cloud the truth. Let’s reject the emotional sob stories and propaganda, and dig for the real facts. Beefing up a narrative with finger-pointing and baseless allegations doesn’t change the reality on the ground. When the dust settles, the world must see the issue objectively and not fall victim to unfair and unjustified media biases against Israel.


Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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