Stormy Daniels Reveals Shocking Detail That Could Devastate Trump’s Appeal to Women, Says CNN!

Stormy Daniels Reveals Shocking Detail That Could Devastate Trump's Appeal to Women, Says CNN!
Stormy Daniels Reveals Shocking Detail That Could Devastate Trump's Appeal to Women, Says CNN!
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We’ve got a political analyst over on CNN This Morning, Mark Preston, making a bit of a fuss about a claim made in court by porn star Stormy Daniels. She’s saying that Donald Trump didn’t use protection during an alleged encounter. Preston says this ‘sordid detail’ will cost Trump votes with swing state women. Interesting take there, Preston.

Preston runs with his theory that women in Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Nevada, Arizona, and Georgia, who may have considered voting for President Trump, will now rethink. Why? Well, according to Preston, somehow this supposed “soap opera” detail is enough to change voter convictions. He argues this latest reveal is more damaging than just cheating on one’s spouse because it was supposedly done without protection. Preston insists this will hit home with voters—and CNN host Kasie Hunt can’t help but chuckle along.

As they all continue their casual conversation, not a single person on the panel questions the accuracy of Daniels’s claims. The acceptance of her statement as truth is as shocking as their nonchalant discussion about the alleged incident. But, it’s CNN. Their anti-Trump news cycle continues, and apparently Stormy Daniels week is no exception.

Adding to the claim churning, former Biden aide Meghan Hays appears to be only too happy to hop on Preston’s bandwagon. She anticipates that come fall, these sort of “details” will star in commercials targeting moderate women voters, a prediction seemingly built on clouds.

It’s fascinating that Preston, a man who once served as an aide to Sen. Ted Kennedy, would sink his teeth into the subject of sexual details regarding politicians. Oh, the irony.

Now let’s not forget to mention the ill-mannered humor when Preston stated that his wife would “kill” him if he cheated on her. Hunt, laughing, said, “I would hope so.” Well, that’s not something we want to imagine, but there it was, a far from acceptable exchange when you flip the genders.

With the full rundown, it remains clear that Preston, Hunt, and Hays are banking on bedroom gossip rather than policies to influence voters. All right then. Let’s see how that strategy pans out for them.

In conclusion, it’s a wild mess over there at CNN This Morning—you’ve got analysts and hosts discussing Trump’s supposed sins without batting an eye at their own double standards. While they seem to believe these “sordid details” will sway women’s votes, most Americans know what truly matters when casting their ballots: policies and actions, not indulgence in rumors. We’ll let the voters decide.


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