Exclusive Scoop! Uncover the Shocking Details of Our NewsBusters Statement That Left Congress Speechless!

Exclusive Scoop! Uncover the Shocking Details of Our NewsBusters Statement That Left Congress Speechless!
Exclusive Scoop! Uncover the Shocking Details of Our NewsBusters Statement That Left Congress Speechless!
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Telling it like it is: National Public Radio (NPR) and its anti-conservative bias. This taxpayer-funded news organization has long been a theater of liberal leanings and questionable reporting. Now, it is high time Congress takes a hard look and delivers much-needed oversight.

Back in the day, I had to testify in Congress twice; once about the bias at NPR and the other about bias at the Public Broadcasting Service (PBS). Yet, despite an increased awareness of media bias these days, not much has changed. Today, I’m going back into the congressional chamber, and the cannon is aimed squarely at the infamous NPR bias.

Several examples of this bias have been collated and will be presented to Congress. This isn’t about cancelling anyone, but it sure is about achieving a balance in reporting—a balance that would include conservative voices.

Addressing the committee, I’ll represent the Media Research Centre (MRC) founded in 1987—a conservative media watchdog that has been monitoring media outlets for years. In this particular hearing, I’ll outline how our detailed reports clearly show that NPR and PBS have consistently made a mockery of objectivity.

In light of these findings, one question begs: Where are the conservative voices? If NPR’s efforts towards “inclusion” are so devoted, why did a senior editor like Uri Berliner resign after exposing NPR’s bias? Why did Berliner feel compelled to express his growing concern over the increasing liberal dominance since Trump’s presidency?

Disconcertingly, we found this media bias isn’t a recent fad. Go back to 1987, a Supreme Court nomination was destroyed by NPR’s legal reporter, all based on one-sided information. They similarly vilified Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination in 2018. Yet, when there was a genuine threat on Justice Kavanaugh’s life? Crickets. Not a single feature story from NPR.

Berliner himself admitted NPR needs a reality check on representing the country’s diversity. But it doesn’t seem to be happening. The network’s own reports indicate a telling 67% of its listeners claim to be liberal—seems like the echo chamber environment suits them just fine.

The problem isn’t just confined to political issues. Contentious topics like climate change and transgender ideology are hugely imbalanced on both PBS and NPR, leaving little to no room for a conservative perspective.

However, when it comes to the opponents, the narrative quickly takes a different turn. While the media respectably covers Democrats’ activities, Republican activities are often labelled as ‘extremist’ or ‘hard right’. Egregious examples abound of such bias that serves only to fuel societal disorder.

The chronic imbalance, ranging from legitimizing criminal behavior to suppressing relevant news like Hunter Biden’s laptop saga in favor of fluff stories, continues to mar NPR’s reporting credibility.

Also, a clear bias is noticeable in NPR’s choice of stories that portray Republicans as threats to democracy. Which poses a serious question: can you believe in democracy without being pro-Biden?

To conclude, the real threat to independent, fact-based journalism isn’t conservatives—it’s NPR. Their refusal to operate in a nonpartisan manner, allow both sides to speak, cover stories and hearings that Democrats would rather avoid, sounds less like responsible journalism and more like biased propaganda. They take taxpayers’ money and have the audacity to smear conservative voices without rebuttal. And that’s a plain insult we shouldn’t tolerate.


Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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