Unbelievable! Sunday Shows Challenge Pro-Israel GOPs using Reagan’s Statement – You Won’t Believe How!

Unbelievable! Sunday Shows Challenge Pro-Israel GOPs using Reagan's Statement - You Won't Believe How!
Unbelievable! Sunday Shows Challenge Pro-Israel GOPs using Reagan's Statement - You Won't Believe How!
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You know what Sunday means in America? It’s time for the Regime Media to dust off their hymnals. But the tune isn’t echoing from the pews of a church—the media use theirs to chant out the same tired talking points. This Sunday’s medley? Trying to use Ronald Reagan’s legacy to justify President Biden’s decision to hold back munitions shipments to Israel.

CBS’ Margaret Brennan thought she could play the Reagan card against Sen. Tom Cotton on Face the Nation. She suggested that Biden’s withholding of military aid to Israel was historically precedented—namely by Reagan and President Bush. Brennan clearly mistook Cotton for a timid Republican, but he had no issue pointing out the discrepancies between Reagan’s temporary pause of fighter jet deliveries in the 80s and Biden’s refusal to send munitions in the midst of a war.

Brennan tried to argue that, even now, weapons are still being sent. But it’s clear that Cotton’s dismantling of her attempt to manipulate Reagan’s legacy left her scrambling for stock White House points.

Sen. Lindsey Graham on NBC’s Meet the Press had a similar experience with Kristen Welker. Again, the insinuation was that if Reagan did it, it’s okay now. Graham’s anger was palpable. The question, “why is it okay for Reagan to do it and not President Biden?” left such a sour taste that it had Graham all but trampling over Welker’s vague references to what “military officials say.”

Lastly, Martha Raddatz on ABC’s This Week tried her hand at the same approach with Rep. Michael McCaul, pointing to Reagan’s previous decisions in defense of Biden. Once again, the attempt was thwarted, with McCaul asserting that the current situation couldn’t be more different from Reagan’s era.

The sad truth of it all is that the media holds nothing but contempt for Ronald Reagan and the principles he embodied. Yet, they won’t hesitate to use his name if they think it can help the Biden administration save face. Sunday marked another attempt by the media to push their own agenda by forcing Republicans to adhere to a manipulated image of Reagan’s policies. Fortunately, they fell flat. After all, even as they claim to champion Reagan’s methods, they continuously disregard the most fundamental Reagan principle: Peace through Strength.

All in all, Sunday served as yet another reminder of the media’s willingness to distort history to fit their narrative. As they revile Reagan’s legacy, they continue to weaponize his name in a fruitless attempt to defend the failures of the current administration. Their deceitful tactics only result in their own failure—a poetic justice that rings louder than their misguided choruses.


Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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