Rep. Allred Slammed for Attending Event Promoting Illegal Alien Evasion Tactics

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In a shocking turn of events, Rep. Colin Allred (D-TX), the Democrat Party’s U.S. Senate nominee running against Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX), has reportedly attended a campaign event where information was provided on how illegal aliens can evade capture by law enforcement. Fox News disclosed that “Know Your Rights Cards” were handed out at a Dallas County Democrat Party gathering earlier this month, raising questions about Allred’s commitment to upholding the laws that protect our nation’s borders.

These red cards, which were distributed at the event, instructed those present with guidance on how to avoid interactions with immigration agents and to remain silent when approached. Produced by the leftist Immigrant Legal Resource Center and supported by Democrat megadonor George Soros’ Open Society Foundations, the controversial cards shine a light on Allred’s support for illegal immigration and border protection policies that continue to divide the nation.

Notably, Allred has a record of voting against measures to strengthen the U.S. border, which has been overrun by millions of illegal aliens under President Joe Biden’s administration. Texas has been the epicenter of much of the crisis, with critics calling it an outright “invasion.”

In response to the news, Sen. Ted Cruz slammed Allred for his connection to powerful leftist donors, who have also allegedly funded pro-Hamas protests on college campuses. Cruz stated that these protests are being backed by major figures such as George Soros, the Rockefeller brothers, Bill and Melinda Gates, and the Pritzkers, all of whom are not only Joe Biden’s top donors but also among Allred’s financial supporters.

“Colin Allred has accepted $80,000 from those donors that are funding the anti-Israel, antisemitic protests on college campuses,” Cruz pointed out in a damning indictment of his opponent.

As the race for the U.S. Senate seat heats up, this recent development leaves voters with a crucial decision to make regarding the representatives and policies they want to govern our nation. With Rep. Colin Allred’s reported attendance at an event promoting assistance for illegal aliens, alongside his history of voting against measures to protect the border, the public must weigh up the significance of this information before casting their votes.

In conclusion, this alarming report of Rep. Colin Allred’s association with controversial left-wing donors and his actions at a recent Democrat Party event raises significant questions about his commitment to upholding the security of our nation’s borders. As Texas continues to grapple with the heavy burden of illegal immigration and its effects on local communities, the stakes could not be higher for those who call this state home. Ultimately, the onus falls upon the electorate to determine whether such behavior aligns with their vision for the future of the United States.

Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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