You Won’t Believe What Kimmel and Meyers Fantasize About: An Epic Trump Trial Troll!

You Won't Believe What Kimmel and Meyers Fantasize About: An Epic Trump Trial Troll!
You Won't Believe What Kimmel and Meyers Fantasize About: An Epic Trump Trial Troll!
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When even late-night comedy shows are no longer a place for light-hearted entertainment, but a stage for political statements, tells a lot about our current society. In the latest episode of Seth Meyers and Jimmy Kimmel’s late-night talk, the businesses that should have been of making the audience laugh turned into a platform for targeting former President Donald Trump.

It seems that Kimmel was quite satisfied about his mention in the so-called ‘proceedings’ due to his infamous interview with Stormy Daniels. Interestingly, Kimmel’s achievement in the liberal circle is comparable to drawing a laugh at Trump’s expense in a White House Correspondent’s Dinner – an act that triggered Trump to run for the president, according to Kimmel. One can only ponder at the level of pride he takes in directing the division in the country.

Speaking of Kimmel’s ambition to be present at the courthouse to witness Trump’s problem firsthand, it’s worth mentioning his idea of trolling the former president by getting as close as he could to stir him. The plan? Taking him multiple bottles of ketchup. His defense? Ketchup is in the grey area between food and drink. Evidently, the host’s commitment to sarcasm knows no bounds.

The hosts’ idea of humanized comedy seems to limit itself to pointing fingers at political rivals and making fun in the most distasteful way possible. As they were boasting about getting to him at the courthouse, one may ask whether their intention is more than a playful gesture – was it rather an indirect threat?

On the question of Trump’s conviction, Kimmel unabashedly confessed that not only has he contemplated the matter but he also dreams about it. In fact, the conversation ended with Kimmel’s hopes of seeing Trump convicted. Just remember folks, this was a late-night comedy show, where the main objective used to be to make everyone laugh and for them to forget about their day’s worries.

For sure, their comments were hardly concealing the glee they felt at their petty “victories”. But these liberal entertainers have forgotten that they are just that, entertainers. Audiences want fun, escapism, not politically charged humor. Comedy ought to be an escape, not a platform for political vendettas. Comedy without respect is ridicule, and ridicule for the sake of one-sided political gain errs on the side of misuse of a privileged platform.

In short, their talks showed yet again the hosts’ hypocrisy and hatred of anything conservative. They’re off the mark if they think their stabs at humor are what viewers signed up for. It seems we are far away from entertainment that is truly entertaining, free from bias, and respectful to everyone, regardless of their political standing.


Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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