Find Out Why Colbert Shockingly Questions Johnson’s Beliefs: Is Religious Controversy Beginning?

Find Out Why Colbert Shockingly Questions Johnson's Beliefs: Is Religious Controversy Beginning?
Find Out Why Colbert Shockingly Questions Johnson's Beliefs: Is Religious Controversy Beginning?
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Mike Johnson, the House Speaker, stood by Donald Trump’s side last week at his trial, prompting CBS’s Stephen Colbert to aim a misguided attack on Johnson’s faith. It’s high time to set the record straight.

On his late-night show, Colbert decided to take a cheap shot at a picture of Johnson. He made a risqué joke, saying Johnson looked distressed after merely thinking about the word ‘nipple.’ The liberal audience enjoyed the banter. Not stopping there, Colbert then went on to call Johnson a “hyper-conservative Biblical literalist.”

When it got serious, Colbert inaccurately depicted Johnson as a sex-confused person. He took his attack further by mocking Johnson who expressed his displeasure at the unfolding events during Trump’s trial: “I’m an attorney. I’m a former litigator myself. I am disgusted by what is happening here.”

Trying to sound smart, Colbert then said Johnson was thinking, ‘When does the stoning begin? I brought my lucky rock.’ Can’t we all focus on the real issues at hand rather than these baseless jibes?

Colbert doesn’t pass up a chance to put the image of Johnson into disrepute, implying that he’s hypocritical for relying on biblical teachings to guide his political decisions while backing a candidate like Trump involved in a sex scandal.

But here’s the deal. Trump isn’t on trial for a sex scandal; he’s facing charges for a different accusation, and Colbert knows this.

Also, being the self-proclaimed staunch Catholic that he is, Colbert should know that it’s entirely possible to stick to biblical teachings and yet, not support stoning. Seems like he’s forgotten that inconvenient fact in his quest to make Johnson look like a fool.

It’s evident that the liberal media, in their soapbox endeavours, disparages leading conservatives while turning a blind eye toward any rational considerations in the interests of scoring cheap political points.

In the end, isn’t it vital to form and voice opinions based on concrete facts rather than resorting to gratuitous, subjective insinuations? Let’s not let the smokescreen of comedy or the lure of cheap laughs divert our focus from what’s really essential: justice and truth, something Colbert and his ilk seem to have forgotten in favor of heavy-handed mockery.


Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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