Shockingly Biased? Uncover how CNN Debate Moderators Tapper and Bash Swerve into Left-Wing Territory!

Shockingly Biased? Uncover how CNN Debate Moderators Tapper and Bash Swerve into Left-Wing Territory!
Shockingly Biased? Uncover how CNN Debate Moderators Tapper and Bash Swerve into Left-Wing Territory!
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CNN has announced journalists Jake Tapper and Dana Bash as moderators for the first presidential debate between Donald Trump and Joe Biden on June 27. Given their history, aggressive questioning of Trump’s judgement and behavior can be anticipated alongside warm praise for Biden, confirming Republican anxieties of a pro-Biden bias.

Tapper and Bash have both been openly critical of Trump, following the first presidential debate in 2020. Deeming Trump’s performance as poor, Tapper asserted it was a ‘hot mess’ and primarily blamed on Trump. Bash echoed similar sentiments. In stark contrast, their admiration for Biden has been increasingly apparent throughout their careers. Post Biden’s 2024 State of the Union Address, Tapper’s enthusiasm was clear with the straightforward question, “Do you think that President Biden met the moment?” Bash eagerly agreed, lavishing praise on Biden’s performance.

NewsBusters Media Editor Bill D’Agostino has captured these biased standpoints in a brief montage. Reviewing this and the MRC archive shows more of their liberal tendencies. Tapper’s harsh critique blaming Trump’s rhetoric for the New Zealand shooting emphasizes his biased stance.

Bash’s incredulous questioning of why Trump wasn’t losing against Biden, despite positive economical signs under Biden’s administration, shows her inability to fully be objective. Furthermore, her attempt to instigate a political feud by asking Jeb Bush if Trump had gone too far by invoking his wife’s Mexican roots, displays a persistent attempt to create controversies.

Meanwhile, Tapper’s belief that the Trump era of ‘cruelty’ and ‘meanness’ was coming to an end points to the strong anti-Trump sentiments harbored by prominent CNN anchors. Furthermore, his claim that they were not airing Trump’s remarks live due to their supposedly untrue and potentially dangerous nature, reflexively undermines the news organization’s commitment to unbiased reporting.

Considering that a key role of a debate moderator is to remain neutral and fair, Tapper and Bash’s past reporting may raise concerns about the legitimacy of the upcoming presidential debate. Will we witness a debate where hard-hitting questions and praise are evenly distributed? Or will it continue to roll out like an echo of past debates, further deepening the divide between the left and right?

Overall, CNN’s choice of moderators for the presidential debate reinforces the concerns of media bias raised by many conservatives. The fact that Tapper and Bash are openly partisan and unapologetic, raises questions about whether they can truly be neutral when it comes to moderating the debate. This decision adds to the growing skepticism surrounding mainstream media and its true commitment to presenting balanced news.


Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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