You Won’t Believe What Happened on NBC Nightly News After Harrison Butker’s Graduation Speech!

You Won't Believe What Happened on NBC Nightly News After Harrison Butker's Graduation Speech!
You Won't Believe What Happened on NBC Nightly News After Harrison Butker's Graduation Speech!
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The media universe spiraled into frenzy over a recent university commencement address by Harrison Butker, kicker for the Kansas City Chiefs, at Benedictine College in Kansas. The storm grew fiercer due to an NBC Nightly News report viewing the “controversy” through a predictably skewed lens.

Butker’s speech at Benedictine College became a hotbed of controversy, largely due to complaints of perceived sexism and homophobia. The heart of his address was his open criticism against LGBTQ+ rights, abortion, IVF, and surrogacy, and his suggestion that the female graduates should focus on traditional roles such as homemaking and raising families.

Despite receiving a standing ovation at the Catholic college, critics were quick to brand the speech as sexist and homophobic. There is immense pressure being exerted on the NFL football team – Kansas City Chiefs, to sever ties with Butker due to his controversial views.

However, the elephant in the room is the fact that Butker’s speech, at its core, presented Catholic viewpoints at a Catholic institution. This basic truth seems to dazzle the media, who also failed to highlight the positive reaction his speech received at the college, which is in stark contrast to the critical media coverage.

Butker’s speech was evidently not just a discourse on his personal beliefs, but also a critique of President Joe Biden’s public proclamations of his Catholic faith alongside his consistent support for abortion. Mainstream media, in its protective stance towards Biden, conveniently sidestepped this critique, burying it under the broad umbrella of the ‘abortion controversy’.

Butker’s call to return to traditional faith, values, and societal roles struck a nerve with the media. His challenge to the current mainstream narratives was seen as an audacious act resulting in a furious backlash from the liberals.

Butker’s assertion serves as a reminder that the so-called “culture war” is predominantly driven by those on the left seeking to impose their values on everyone else. When their control over the narrative is threatened, the media backlash is swift and severe.

It is imperative to remember the importance of diversity of opinion. In an era where freedom of speech is coveted, Harrison Butker only voiced his views, which are endorsed by many others. His speech is a reminder that multiple perspectives co-exist in our society – a facet that media coverage should reflect for the sake of fairness and balance. Any attempts to silence or demonize contrary views only underscore the aggressive tactics used by those in power to shape the public narrative.


Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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