Media Analyst Slams Fox News: Is Trump Trial Coverage Being Shaded Out? Find Out Now!

Media Analyst Slams Fox News: Is Trump Trial Coverage Being Shaded Out? Find Out Now!
Media Analyst Slams Fox News: Is Trump Trial Coverage Being Shaded Out? Find Out Now!
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The liberal media is reeling, folks. Seemingly affronted by Fox News focusing on delivering unbiased news, Politico’s Jack Shafer is suggesting that Fox is skewing its coverage in favor of Trump during his Manhattan trial. As if CNN and MSNBC haven’t been spinning a non-stop anti-Trump narrative. Isn’t that amusing?

So, here’s Shafer’s problem. He feels Fox News is curating its coverage to ‘help’ Trump. Now that’s as preposterous as saying that the mainstream media actually delivers ‘unbiased’ news. Apparently, doing something out of line with the liberal media’s agenda seems like an insane concept to Shafer. But friends, is it not high time that some light is shed on multiple stories, and not just those that taint Trump’s reputation?

Consider this, Shafer argues Fox is trying to comfort viewers who favor Trump. But isn’t that exactly what CNN and MSNBC do to viewers who can’t stand Trump? Shafer presents ‘numbers’ as his defense. Sketchy numbers I should say. He confidently asserts that Fox spoke about the Trump trial half as often as CNN or MSNBC did over the specific time frame of April 15 to May 17. Guess what, he skillfully ignores the point that Fox has given ample airtime to Trump’s press statements, conducting 33 live broadcasts while CNN managed just 19 and MSNBC, a meager three.

So, Shafer now dubs the relative lack of trial coverage on Fox as a “brown out”. His term, not mine. He links this idea to Fox covering stories like demonstrations against Israel on campus. Apparently, Fox focusing on the broader range of significant events is a reprehensible act!

To help him drive his point home, Shafer drags in NPR media reporter David Folkenflik. Folkenflik ridiculously asserts that Fox giving adequate airtime to Trump outside the courtroom is nothing but a mere imitation of actual news coverage. And suddenly, according to these critics, letting Trump’s supporters voice their viewpoints against a Democrat DA and judge becomes an act of propaganda. This is just laughable!

In conclusion, our friends at Politico seem to be living in a rather twisted world. To them, delivering news different from the mainstream liberal spin is propagandistic, while blanket anti-Trump coverage is standard. Isn’t it time these liberals realized that presenting both sides of a story qualifies you as not just a legitimate news source, but less propagandistic? The hypocrisy is glaring, isn’t it?


Next News Network Team

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