Shocking Twist! ABC Drops ‘Hardline’ Title Following Unbelievable News of Iranian President’s Death!

Shocking Twist! ABC Drops 'Hardline' Title Following Unbelievable News of Iranian President's Death!
Shocking Twist! ABC Drops 'Hardline' Title Following Unbelievable News of Iranian President's Death!
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Here’s explosive news everyone should be talking about: Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi, notoriously known as ‘The Butcher of Tehran’, took his last flight over the weekend. While the world breathes a sigh of relief, the mainstream media’s reporting of his end seems conspicuously selective.

Over at ABC’s Good Morning America, once the news of Raisi’s crash and subsequent death was confirmed Monday morning, they conveniently allowed their misleading ‘hardliner’ descriptor for him to evaporate from mention. This raises the question: Is a man with a history of oppressive rule simply a ‘hardliner’, or does the term mask a more sinister reality?

Let’s rewind the tapes a bit. Foreign correspondent Lama Hasan, during her coverage of the search operation on ABC’s World News Tonight, was quick to label Raisi a ‘hardliner’. A man renowned as the second-most powerful figure in Iran, primed to take Ayatollah Khamenei’s place. Yet she curiously remained tight-lipped on the more deplorable aspects of his presidency.

CBS Weekend News’s correspondent Ian Lee did not hold back, calling Raisi a “extremely divisive president” who saw the country’s lowest turnout during the 2021 elections. He reminded us of Raisi’s deplorable track record as a ‘conservative hardliner’: his reign included a brutal crackdown on dissent and opposition.

Over at NBC, Keir Simmons highlighted Iran’s ruthless approach towards mass protests stirred by the tragic death of a 22-year-old woman. Yet, come Monday, ABC’s Britt Clennett decided the ‘hardliner’ tag was needless information. The only mention of Raisi’s political leanings was that he was a strong contender to replace Ayatollah Khamenei.

Ebrahim Raisi’s wicked reign was also recalled by Simmons on NBC’s Today, who touched on the government’s brutal suppression of protests following the death of young woman Mahsa Amini, as well as their recent attacks on Israel.

Even CBS’s Holly Williams was critical of Raisi’s tenure. She pointed out how moderate candidates were ruled out from the 2021 elections that brought him to power. Raisi’s government in 2022 brutally suppressed mass protests, particularly from women demanding more freedom and rights.

In conclusion: Raisi’s reign was a reign of terror, and his death marks an end to his ruthless rule. But the narrative crafted by mainstream media seems inconsistent at best. It’s essential to keep the pressure on, and ask: Should the media be sugarcoating the legacy of a man like Raisi? Our reporting points to a resounding ‘No’. Do not let the media forget the reign of the true ‘Butcher of Tehran’.


Next News Network Team

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