You Won’t Believe Who’s Teaming Up to Fight Against the Shocking TikTok Banishment!

You Won't Believe Who's Teaming Up to Fight Against the Shocking TikTok Banishment!
You Won't Believe Who's Teaming Up to Fight Against the Shocking TikTok Banishment!
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ByteDance is suing the Department of Justice (DOJ), but it’s not what you think. They’ve joined forces, not against each other, but against a ticking clock in an unusual team-up, pushing hard for a swift decision on a looming TikTok ban.

For those who missed the headlines, TikTok – owned by ByteDance – rolled out a lawsuit against the federal government last week, alongside eight TikTok influencers. They’re challenging a law that could push ByteDance out of the American market if they don’t decouple from TikTok. And in an odd turn of events, they’ve enlisted the DOJ, their sued opponents, to aide in accelerating this legal battle before the law takes effect on January 19, 2025.

Their argument? The law demanding TikTok to ditch its Chinese ownership could be “substantially challenged”. Considering the massive TikTok user base, they argue that the public has a significant stake in the fast resolution of this case. They maintain that the proposed ‘qualified divestiture’ of TikTok isn’t ‘commercially, technologically, or legally feasible.’

With the clock ticking and a lot on the line, everyone involved is pushing for the opening briefs to drop as early as June next year, ensuring a decision by December high noon. They’re looking for a swift verdict by December 6, 2024, granting enough wiggle room to seek emergency relief from the Supreme Court if required.

But there’s the rub. TikTok, after showing little regard for users’ freedom of speech until it faced a potential ban, is now painting itself a champion of the cause. “The Act will force a shutdown of TikTok by January 19, 2025, silencing the 170 million Americans who use the platform,” warns TikTok in response to the DOJ’s lawsuit, conveniently forgetting their banning of multiple pro-free speech organizations.

The Federal Communications Commissioner rightly pointed out TikTok’s skewed understanding. “TikTok wants this to be a case about the content of its speech. It is not. It is about TikTok’s malign conduct,” stated Commissioner Carr, shedding light on TikTok’s unwillingness to address the real rationale behind the law.

And this isn’t just about one app or one company. This saga is a stark reminder of the attack on conservatives. We must continue to call on our representatives and demand transparency from Big Tech, guard against undue “hate speech” restrictions, and ensure equal foothold for conservatives. If you’ve been censored, it’s time to speak up. Use MRC Free Speech America’s contact form and help hold Big Tech to account. The battle isn’t over. It’s just begun.


Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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