You Won’t Believe Maddow’s Electioneering Masqueraded as a ‘Sermon’ on Democracy!

You Won't Believe Maddow's Electioneering Masqueraded as a 'Sermon' on Democracy!
You Won't Believe Maddow's Electioneering Masqueraded as a 'Sermon' on Democracy!
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Get a load of this. Rachel Maddow, MSNBC’s star host, in her infinite wisdom, decided she was going to camouflage a political rally for Democrats as some sort of vigilant defense of Democracy. The lucky recipient of Maddow’s free airtime? None other than Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis.

So, towards the close of Maddow’s lecture, she paints this picture-perfect illusion of how she wishes America would react to the current legal struggles in Georgia and New York, urging people to “Protect the rule of law.” Maddow and her crew seem to believe that challenging the use of government against political rivals is somehow un-American. Guess they forgot about the anti-war protests of the early 2000s where they lauded dissent as the embodiment of democracy.

The actual interview with Willis felt like watching a daytime talk show. Maddow’s tough questions? Honey, these were anything but. “What has your life been like over the past year?” “What’s it feel like to be in the national spotlight?” And my personal favorite, “Have you changed?”

But the prize goes to the glaring absence of one critical question: Does Willis have any regrets hiring her lover and dealing with the subsequent ethical fallout? Nope, Maddow just brushed that one off: people fall in love at work, right? And who cares about an ethics scandal when there’s a ‘DEMOCRACY AT STAKE’ siren blaring?

Just before Willis appeared on screen, the actual motive behind this spectacle became clear – shamelessly promoting her political campaign. “I am underestimated… but that can be a powerful thing. They never see it coming.” Evangelizing your re-election campaign on Maddow, of all places? Bravo.

In essence, Maddow’s ‘interview’ served as nothing more than a stage for Willis to promote herself before the Georgia primary election. We might as well call it what it is, an indirect political donation camouflaged as serious journalism.

Top to bottom, folks, this is everything that’s wrong with today’s mainstream media. Professing to hold up the pillars of democracy while blatantly pushing their own political agenda. This kind of ‘news’ reporting is doing more harm than good, and its high time we call it out for what it is: a whole load of manipulated drivel.


Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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