Reid Outraged: Claims Media Isn’t Comparing Trump to Hitler Nearly Enough!

Reid Outraged: Claims Media Isn't Comparing Trump to Hitler Nearly Enough!
Reid Outraged: Claims Media Isn't Comparing Trump to Hitler Nearly Enough!
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Just when you think the misinformation saga couldn’t get more twisted, MSNBC host Joy Reid ups the ante. She’s got her dander up over a video that’s been removed from former prez Donald Trump’s Truth Social account. Quick version – it had some words that sort of sounded bad and Reid is jumping on it like it’s a video of Trump goose-stepping. She says, and I quote, “it proves Trump’s a fascist” and alleges the media’s giving him a free pass.

But hold on, because Reid doesn’t just stop there. She seems hell-bent on pulling a rabbit out of an empty hat, tossing accusations about with all the accuracy of a blindfolded toddler at a piñata party. Reid claims “the Republican nominee is once again using Nazi language.” You’d think from the way she’s talking that Trump’s been leading rallies in full lederhosen while spouting verses from Mein Kampf. Newsflash Joy, those calls you’re hearing? It’s not fascism, it’s freedom of speech.

She also harps on Trump’s “obvious comparisons to Hitler”. This, based on Angela Merkel’s comment on Trump’s knack for drawing large crowds. But wait! Suspense over, folks. Turns out, Merkel never explicitly said Hitler. A real cliffhanger, right?

Our host isn’t done yet, oh no. She insists the entire GOP is in on “the great Nazi scheme”, defending him and carrying out his fascist agenda. Go big or go home, eh, Reid? She finds it “super weird” that Republicans defend Trump while criticizing the Democrats and Biden. Sorry to break it to you, Joy, that’s just the cut and thrust of politics.

Moving on, she calls out Texas Governor Greg Abbott for backing Daniel Perry, labeling it as another piece in the GOP’s alleged Nazi puzzle. Perry, Rittenhouse, Zimmerman – they’re not our heroes but they have a right to a fair trial and verdict. And no, they are not “killing perceived enemies of the right or the Reich.”

With every diversion, Rebekah Jones, COVID stats, Abbott’s pardon, Reid avoids the main issue – the Democratic policies that Americans are clearly unhappy with. Misdirection is a funny thing, isn’t it, Joy?

She ends with an interview of a former Republican strategist, Matthew Dowd, where she harps on her media grievances. She asks him, “What is it going to take for the media to start believing that Donald Trump is a Nazi?” At this point, I’m asking – “What is it going to take for the media to start separating fact from fiction?”

And just when you thought it couldn’t get any crazier, Reid firmly puts both feet into the territory of Godwin’s Law. She draws dubious parallels, uses weak slants and pushes an evocative narrative. The conclusion is pretty simple when you read between the lines: Reid is desperately clutching at straws, trying to push an agenda where none exists.


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