You Won’t Believe How PBS Encouraged Raskin to Launch an Assault on American Energy Industry!

You Won't Believe How PBS Encouraged Raskin to Launch an Assault on American Energy Industry!
You Won't Believe How PBS Encouraged Raskin to Launch an Assault on American Energy Industry!
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It’s evident that PBS, in a questionable move, decided to side with Congressman Jamie Raskin (D-MD). According to a report, they supported Raskin to browbeat an American industry of significance at a time when the economy is grappling with heightened inflation. This is a narrative that needs to be uncovered and explained.

On May 22 PBS NewsHour, a PBS correspondent, Lisa Desjardins, incited Raskin to draw a parallel between fossil fuel firms and the tobacco industry, implying that the former masked their emission impact on climate change. Raskin took it a notch up, demanding the Justice Department investigate these companies for allegedly accruing massive costs for humanity. This implies opening doors for potential criminal and civil liabilities. This preposterous comparison and the suggestion, driven by Desjardins, took almost four and a half minutes, barely acknowledging America’s ongoing reliance on fossil fuels.

It’s an undeniable fact that the United States derives most of its energy from fossil fuels like coal and natural gas. These non-renewable resources are indispensable for manufacturing essential products like fertilizers, plastic, cement, and steel, among others. Somehow, this basic understanding seemed to escape PBS’s expertise.

PBS did manage to include a statement from Andrea Woods, an API Senior Media Relations Manager. Woods dismissed this controversy as a baseless political stunt to divert attention from persistent inflation and the country’s urgent energy needs, including oil and gas.

Desjardins then sought Raskin’s reaction over this statement, underlining that the shift to renewable fuels is not possible overnight. However, instead of addressing the issue, Raskin chose to focus on vilifying the industry. PBS conveniently ignored this misleading trick.

This comes at a time when Americans face the brunt of Biden’s radical green agenda, witnessing a steep rise in gas prices from $2.24/gallon in January 2021 to $3.73/gallon under Biden’s watch in April 2024. Despite Biden draining an extensive volume from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve, the gas prices have remained notably high.

Biden has repeatedly imposed restrictions on oil and gas production and discouraged potential investments. The recent regulation by Biden’s Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), according to CNN Climate Correspondent Bill Wehr, aims to close existing coal plants and burden new natural gas facilities. Furthermore, the Biden Administration announced a pause on new liquified natural gas projects, a constraint on Alaska’s drilling, and a cancellation of former President Donald Trump’s pro-energy executive orders.

The American public is left questioning: can we genuinely sustain such eco-extremism and inaction that send gas prices soaring, restrict production and girdle our choices? News giants like ABC News, CBS News, and NBC News owe it to the public to question Biden and his associates about their attempt to curb fossil fuel production and constrain Americans’ choices.


Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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