Will He Give In? The View Puts Heat on Radio Host to Declare Support for Biden!

Will He Give In? The View Puts Heat on Radio Host to Declare Support for Biden!
Will He Give In? The View Puts Heat on Radio Host to Declare Support for Biden!
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A case of déjà vu saw the predominantly liberal hosts of The View once again being put in their place by a guest refusing to bow to their rampant partisan agenda. Notably, this marks the second time in a week that the ladies have been left reeling over their failed attempt to indoctrinate another guest. Wednesday’s episode had them somewhat riled up after popular radio host Charlamagne the God wouldn’t play ball.

Co-host Sunny Hostin, a figure with a reputation for a heavy liberal bias, seemed desperate to make Charlamagne endorse Biden just like she did previously. However, Charlamagne pointed one notable thing: he intends to vote based on issues, not individuals. This followed on from his refrain about his non-support for any candidate, letting his actions speak louder than empty endorsements.

Hostin continued to badger him irrespective of his sentiment, asking why he won’t endorse Biden. To this, Charlamagne pointed out the need to focus on the threat to democracy, positing that if one candidate poses a threat, then the other, by default, is a better choice. This put Hostin in a corner. Yet, she persisted with her efforts to get the guest to vocalize his endorsement for Biden.

Moderator Whoopi Goldberg as well, in a bid to sway the narrative, let out a rather absurd claim alleging that the media had been ignoring the facts favoring Biden. Contrarily, Charlamagne set the record straight and candidly expressed his view that both candidates were “trash,” underscoring his intention to vote in the interest of safeguarding democracy and not based on personalities.

It’s worth noting that Charlamagne openly expressed his perception that the current administration’s base was increasingly disgruntled, an acknowledgment that’s sure to send major ripples across the Democratic campaign. Hostin, in response, rather ineffectually implored him to “Help [Biden] out!” To which the guest wisely asked, “Help him out by doing what?”

This exchange should open the eyes of conservatives across the nation. We are not obligated to lend our voice to people or ideologies that we don’t resonate with, and our focus should always be on championing the values and principles that make us who we are as a nation. Engaging in an open conversation that values diverse opinions broadens our perspectives and allows us to better understand the complex political landscape. This courageous refusal by Charlamagne to be recruited as another mouthpiece for the liberal media’s relentless campaign rigorously reaffirms this belief. Therefore, as we approach the next election, let’s remember that our voice, our vote, and our values matter more than the incessant pressures to conform.


Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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