You Won’t Believe It: Unprecedented ‘Daddy Changed the World’ Biopic Soon To Unveil George Floyd’s Legacy on Your TV!

You Won't Believe It: Unprecedented 'Daddy Changed the World' Biopic Soon To Unveil George Floyd's Legacy on Your TV!
You Won't Believe It: Unprecedented 'Daddy Changed the World' Biopic Soon To Unveil George Floyd's Legacy on Your TV!
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In a world too often obsessed with rewriting history, a powerful new vehicle for such revisionism is getting ready to hit our screens. The family of George Floyd, who tragically lost his life last year, has greenlit a ‘gritty’ biopic about his life. Produced by Radar Pictures, 8 Queens Film & Media productions, and Night Fox Entertainment, this biopic promises to tell the story of Floyd. But will it tell the whole truth?

Interestingly, the film is not aiming to shed the complete light on George Floyd’s life, as stated by Variety: it won’t depict him as a man without flaws. A flawed man and father, yes, but arguably also one saved from full accountability by a tragic yet highly politicized death. The picture of the man who became a household name because of his tragic end is expected to fuel the fire of the ongoing debate on police brutality. One could argue that it’s a deliberate attempt to leverage a personal story for political gain while undermining law enforcement.

George Floyd’s mother, Roxie Washington, while expressing enthusiasm about the project, unequivocally stated her aim to further a political agenda with the film. She spoke of her hope that the film will reignite efforts to pass the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act. Apparently, the desire is to highlight a narrative she believes in and wants people to adopt. The question remains, however: is a film like this going to tell the full story, in all its complexity?

It’s not a secret that George Floyd had a criminal past, with multiple jail sentences for crimes ranging from drug possession to theft. Yet this detail of his life seems to be egregiously missing from the narrative around the forthcoming biopic. In a world that values justice and law, inflating the legacy of a man with a significant criminal record is a curious decision. Is this not just an attempt to politicize a regrettable death instead of addressing the complexities of Floyd’s life, and indeed, acknowledging the realities of crime and law enforcement?

In conclusion, one should ask, if this biopic intends to fan the flames of political propaganda instead of presenting an unbiased portrayal of Floyd’s life, is it not ultimately doing a disservice to its viewers? Rather than acting as an honest portrayal of complex human behavior and societal issues, it may instead end as a theatrical ploy to further a divisive narrative. As we brace ourselves for the release of “Daddy Changed the World,” one can only hope that it won’t be a one-sided tale that may distort history rather than document it.


Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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