Shocking Revelation! How the CIA Tried to Manipulate Twitter Users: Unseen Files Exposed!

Shocking Revelation! How the CIA Tried to Manipulate Twitter Users: Unseen Files Exposed!
Shocking Revelation! How the CIA Tried to Manipulate Twitter Users: Unseen Files Exposed!
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Let me tell it straight: Your free speech is under fire. Despite prohibitive laws, the CIA has been up to some shady behavior, using Twitter to undermine American’s rights.

The CIA isn’t supposed to pry into American affairs. But, they’ve shown themselves unable to resist the temptation of Big Tech. It seems as though they were pressuring Twitter into censoring content they didn’t like. Independent journalist Michael Shellenberger has been unmasking this disgrace. His findings indicate that people associated with the U.S. Intelligence Community, including the CIA, tried to highjack Twitter’s system to cut off, marginalize, and silence anyone they dubbed a “threat.”

A senior intelligence analyst told Shellenberger of the existence of undercover agents working in parts of the government like the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency. They hide their true activity under various guises and shrouds. And shockingly, these subversive machinations included former intelligence employees and contractors. Apparently, they considered anything they didn’t agree with as “disinformation,” hence a threat.

Shellenberger pointed the finger at some previously unrelated figures. He detailed Nina Jankowicz, once the guide of the defunct federal Disinformation Governance Board, as an accomplice. Similarly, the CIA linked anti-“disinformation” organization, Alethea Group and its CEO Lisa Kaplan were knee-deep in it.

As we delve deeper into these treacherous waters, Shellenberger brought up a hacker. Peiter “Mudge” Zatko, a hire at Twitter, turned out to have strong government connections and was in cahoots with the National Security Agency since 1999. It’s a bad look for Twitter as he’s been on the government payroll for a good 25 years now.

But the collusion gets murkier. FBI Agent Elvis Chan tried to push for increased NSA use of Twitter data, but his plans were halted by Twitter’s Head of Site Integrity at the time, Yoel Roth. However, Twitter gave Zatko a green light to get Alethea Group onboard, which, surprise, has multiple individuals with federal ties.

Jim Baker, another former Twitter Deputy, came under Shellenberger’s scanner. He claimed the leakage of Alethea’s dealings was risky. Shellenberger elucidated that these leaks hinted at Twitter fiddling with issues like the Hunter Biden laptop, the 2020 elections, and the Capitol riots in 2021. The quick cloud of censorship came down hard on COVID-19 discussions too.

Zatko and Vivian Schiller of the Aspen Institute had a whole stack of suggestions for the Biden administration. They wanted tighter content regulation and believe it or not, a stronger regulatory body. As Shakespeare would say, the plot thickens.

Shellenberger continued the saga. Alethea proposed leading an initiative to combine all other social media companies and the Internet Service Providers to promote the censorship of those whose voices they want to silence. Whether it’s the CIA directly controlling Alethea Group or not, it’s all just a puppet show.

Shellenberger said, “That so many [CIA and federal contractors] apparently did so to bring America’s most influential social media company under the authority of the IC is a dark day in American history.”

The self-proclaimed defenders of free speech are skewering its very essence. Get in touch with your representatives and demand transparency and fair representation for conservatives. Don’t wait till your voice is canceled. Stand up to Big Tech’s biased censorship and hold them accountable.


Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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