MSNBC Legal Analyst Shocks Everyone with Controversial Defense of DEI – Find Out Why!

MSNBC Legal Analyst Shocks Everyone with Controversial Defense of DEI - Find Out Why!
MSNBC Legal Analyst Shocks Everyone with Controversial Defense of DEI - Find Out Why!
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It’s high time we took a hard look at the liberal media’s misuse of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) narratives. Notably, MSNBC legal analyst Charles Coleman Jr. pulled quite a stunt recently, downplaying the very real racial, ethnic, and religious discrimination at the heart of such initiatives.

On May 26, Coleman took to the airwaves, lamenting the curtailment of DEI in North Carolina’s educational establishments and businesses. He turned a blind eye to the inherent racism and anti-Semitism of his beloved DEI– choosing to instead lament its replacement with a simple principle: equality.

Coleman groaned about the Republican fight against DEI, throwing shade at North Carolina’s public university system move to eradicate DEI on every one of its campuses. He glossed over racial discrimination in hiring and admissions as if it were a picturesque landscape, not the explosion it truly is.

The man’s track record isn’t squeaky clean either. He has consistently shown prejudices against Caucasian men. He’s gone so far as to attack white evangelicals, berating them for their race and religious beliefs. His controversial posts label America as having a “white male problem” and even an alleged “white male domestic terrorism problem.”

Fast forward to the controversy at hand, and Coleman defended DEI in a frenzy. He even referred to a discredited McKinsey study, suggesting falsely that diversity greases the wheels of business operations. The remaining segment saw discussions revolving around DEI and its impact on America’s capacity to innovate and evolve.

However, our guests, Dominik Whitehead and Ameshia Cross, skirted around the blatant discrimination of DEI. Cross even had the audacity to deny te reality: DEI ranks background over merit.

And that’s the crux of DEI– instituting racial discrimination, instead of focusing on qualifications. Even liberal media cannot deny this fact any longer. According to Bloomberg, a whopping 94% of jobs at significant companies shifted away from white candidates in 2021, while they formed 68.5% of layoffs.

Moreover, DEI has been spotlighted as a catalyst of anti-Semitism. Tabia Lee, a former DEI director, hinted at its toxic underbelly: the encouragement of narratives that label Jews as “white oppressors”. Folks like Elon Musk, Jonathan Haidt, and Bill Ackman have stepped up and voiced their critique against DEI’s anti-white, anti-Semitic nature.

Change won’t come on its own. It’s up to conservatives to stand up and demand transparency in reporting about the dangerous ramifications of the “virtual” trend of DEI ideology. Too many “experts” are downplaying or flat-out ignoring the clear signs that radical ideologies are eating away at our society’s foundational principles. It’s time for some fair and balanced reporting.


Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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