Unbelievable! CBS Hypes Trump’s ‘Astonishing’ Conviction – Could this Change Everything in November?

Unbelievable! CBS Hypes Trump's 'Astonishing' Conviction - Could this Change Everything in November?
Unbelievable! CBS Hypes Trump's 'Astonishing' Conviction - Could this Change Everything in November?
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News this week confirms Trump’s guilty verdict on all 34 charges linked to the suspicious “hush money” case. This comes as quite a bolt from the blue, even in a political climate as chaotic as ours. CBS News immediately hopped on the bandwagon, describing the scene with a hint of delight.

Following the announcement, anchor Norah O’Donnell appeared to be nearly moved to tears. The verdict, seen by CBS’s Chief Washington correspondent Major Garrett as something that could not be brushed aside, has pushed us into unfamiliar terrain.

“This is not just a legal moment for this country. It is not just a political moment for this country.” He emphasized that the event has thrown everything we understand about politics and the law into chaos.

The narrative carried forth by the network also had Chief elections correspondent Robert Costa asserting that Team Trump wasn’t going to take the verdict lying down. Instead, he suggests they are gearing up for what he calls a “grievance war,” which in his view, dampens the seriousness of what’s supposedly a critical moment for our country on multiple fronts.

Costa didn’t shy away from expressing his delight at the thought of Trump now being a convicted felon, a branding he believes Trump won’t be able to shake off. Costa is of the belief that this will negatively impact Trump among swing voters in critical regions such as Michigan and Pennsylvania.

CBS talked about the possibility of Trump serving jailtime. O’Donnell and Garrett indicated that Trump would exhaust all possible legal avenues to challenge the verdict, while former prosecutors have said that it’s unlikely that a 77-year-old former President, on their first offense, would see prison. Yet, the possibility still hangs in the air. The panel also discussed how this verdict might impact his potential bid for presidency.

Toward the end, Crawford put forth a thought that irked the rest of the panel by highlighting Manhattan’s liberal bias, only for O’Donnell to find fault with this. She insisted that the jurors swore to be unbiased during the trial. Crawford held her ground, arguing that it’s critical to acknowledge the leanings of the jury, as the American public deserves to know the truth.

All said and done, the real gem was Crawford reminding everyone that there is still a question hanging as to why there were no charges levied initially and why federal government didn’t go after the case. And that is surely the million-dollar question hanging over all our heads.

What this trial and subsequent reporting demonstrate, is the divisive nature of our political climate. Whether the verdict is a victory for justice or a product of unending political warfare, is up to you to decide. Tune in for more updates as the saga continues.


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