You Won’t Believe How Much Pete Buttigieg’s Electric Vehicle Rollout is Costing – See Michael Knowles’ Hilarious Response!

You Won't Believe How Much Pete Buttigieg's Electric Vehicle Rollout is Costing - See Michael Knowles' Hilarious Response!
You Won't Believe How Much Pete Buttigieg's Electric Vehicle Rollout is Costing - See Michael Knowles' Hilarious Response!
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Get this: CBS’s Margaret Brennan just threw Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg a curveball that left him stuttering in his defense of the Biden administration’s laughably inefficient EV charger rollout.

Buttigieg, the man leading Biden’s Transportation Department, was left defenseless on CBS’s Face the Nation when quizzed about the snail-paced rollout of electric car chargers across America, a project that’s been soaking up cash like a sponge, to the tune of $7.5 billion. His excuse? Building a charger isn’t as straightforward as sticking a device into the ground; there’s utility work involved. Well, with only 7 or 8 chargers erected since 2022, that utility work seems to be moving at a glacial pace.

Michael Knowles from The Daily Wire seized on this opportunity to underline the sheer lunacy of Biden’s energy policies. Brennan, part of the traditionally liberal-leaning media, found the situation laughably ludicrous, prompting Knowles to exclaim, “I love that this woman laughs at Pete.”

Continuing the math, Knowles added, “So by my math, I didn’t really get far out of calculus, that would be about a billion dollars per charging station.” Talk about bang for your buck, or rather, lack thereof.

While Tesla owner Elon Musk remains in Biden’s bad graces, it seems increasingly clear that the slow EV charger rollout is nothing more than a clever scheme for Democrats to get their hands on the government’s overflowing purse. “This whole government-backed electric vehicle frenzy is just a patronage ploy for Democrats,” Knowles nailed it.

Remember the Solyndra scandal? When Obama’s administration was taken for a ride by a so-called green energy company that pocketed federal dollars? Knowles highlights the striking similarity, implying the EV charger project is another “patronage slush fund for Dems” to cozy up to their pals.

While the Biden administration continues to stuff money into EV chargers, it’s doing a delicate dance around its ambitious target of having 67% of new vehicles sold as EVs, downgrading it to a still impractical 35%.

Meanwhile, California dreams of zero emissions by 2035, passing a rule stipulating that “all new passenger cars, trucks, and SUVs sold in the state will be zero emissions.” Other states, including Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, and more, have jumped on the bandwagon too.

In light of this debacle, conservatives must stand their ground. We must insist that the major news networks, specifically ABC News and NBC News, bring Biden and his team to account for their sustained efforts to limit fossil fuel production and limit Americans’ choices.

Isn’t it time we said enough, Biden? Let’s charge ahead with sensible policies, not billion-dollar busts.


Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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