Shocking! Alito and Thomas Unjustly Branded as Racist Insurrectionists? Click Here for the Inside Scoop!

Shocking! Alito and Thomas Unjustly Branded as Racist Insurrectionists? Click Here for the Inside Scoop!
Shocking! Alito and Thomas Unjustly Branded as Racist Insurrectionists? Click Here for the Inside Scoop!
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Incredibly, our media seems more concerned about Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito’s wife hanging a flag upside-down at their home than an attempted assassination of Justice Brett Kavanaugh last year. Taxpayer-funded National Public Radio failed to write a single story on the averted attack on Kavanaugh, but there they were, spinning tales on the Alito Flag saga with suspiciously partisan headlines.

Backtrack, and you would remember Supreme Court reporter Nina Totenberg not batting an eye on Kavanaugh’s near-death experience, but spotting enough time for flag gossip. It’s hardly believable that this close associate of late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg would argue about judicial bias.

Scrutiny reveals that media are parroting partisan viewpoints on a Supreme Court leaning conservative. Recall their cries when they thought Trump was destabilizing faith in government. What happened to objectivity when conservatives caught a break?

Take, for instance, their beef with Alito’s majority opinion in a 6-3 decision. The ruling gave South Carolina’s legislature the go-ahead to transfer a significant share of black voters out of a relatively evenly contested 1st Congressional District into the predominantly black 6th district. The majority said it was regular political gerrymandering, not an illegal racial sort.

They didn’t rule in favor of the NAACP, so the media was upset. On MSNBC’s “All In with Chris Hayes,” customary extremist Elie Mystal expressed his disapproval, inferring that Alito, along with Justice Thomas, were actively working to disregard black people’s votes.

Covering Justice Thomas, Mystal’s comments insinuated that Thomas would not protect the voting rights of black people under the guise of the 14th Amendment. The left always connects black voting rights to an assured Democrat vote–anything contrary to this is deemed a dilution of black votes.

According to this warped view, Alito and Thomas support the so-called insurrection because Trump secured the white vote. Mystal boldly claimed they only value white votes.

Painting Alito and Thomas as racist supporters of an uprising is MSNBC’s idea of a robust legal examination. To the left, any disruption to their government hegemony is an “insurrection” and each conservative is guilty by association with the January 6 riot. Their true aversion to a democracy is evident, where conservatives shake their utopian aspirations of absolute control.

In conclusion, our media should prioritize maintaining the transparency and unbiased view of events that shape our nation. Pinning political labels to embolden a story, minimize another, or ignite public antagonism is a disservice to journalism and public trust. It’s time we uphold factual and impartial reports over partisan narratives.


Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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