Michael Cohen’s Shock Revelation: No Peace Until Trump is Gone! Tune in to MSNBC to Know More!

Michael Cohen's Shock Revelation: No Peace Until Trump is Gone! Tune in to MSNBC to Know More!
Michael Cohen's Shock Revelation: No Peace Until Trump is Gone! Tune in to MSNBC to Know More!
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Liberal media can’t help but point fingers at former President Trump, claiming his harsh criticisms potentially incite violence. Yet, remember how Michaels Cohen’s remarks this weekend on MSNBC’s ‘The Weekend’ could directly harm Trump’s safety?

Charming host, Alicia Menendez, asked Cohen about peace during multiple segments, to which Cohen replied: “Yeah. I don’t believe I ever will,” regarding peace as long as Trump is ‘around’ – or living. The same sentiment was uttered in conversation with Nicolle Wallace on Friday. Funny how the left is more concerned about Cohen’s peace than Trump’s safety, isn’t it?

Ironic, considering all the fuss about Trump’s ‘destructive’ criticisms, that Menendez would be on board with such a possibly hazardous statement from Cohen. She seemingly endorsed Cohen’s problematical expression, no misgivings of a deranged left-winger acting with the intent to bring Cohen that desired ‘peace’.

Let’s backtrack to the transcript of MSNBC’s The Weekend. There, we find an exchange between Menendez and Cohen. It starts with related Representative Elijah Cummings’ proclamation to Cohen on his betterment and destiny during a House Oversight Committee hearing on 2019.

Next thing we hear is Menendez asking, “Do you feel you are better Michael Cohen?”

Cohen replies, “I’m a different Michael Cohen then I was.” Cohen adds that he’s far from okay, and hopes to feel better someday.

Finally, when Menendez queries him about his previously mentioned pursuit of personal peace, he affirms, “Yeah. I don’t believe I ever will,” believing that peace will never come to him as long as Donald Trump is ‘around’.

Can you imagine the uproar if that sentiment was expressed about any other individual of importance? One has to wonder if the liberal media gets a taste of their own medicine, would they pay attention?

Granted, it’s essential to respect the free speech of individuals, but this should never cross the line of inciting violence or causing potential harm to anyone – including former President Trump. Sadly, the liberal media frequently fails on such occasions, focusing on their own objectives rather than offering balanced, objective news to the public.

The key takeaway here is that no one can make comments that potentially endanger someone else’s life, irrespective of their political leanings, bias, or dislike for an individual. So here’s a serious shoutout to Ms. Menendez – remember, words can have consequences.


Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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