Scorsese and De Niro Shockingly Silent on ‘Goodfellas’ Controversial Trigger Warning – Find Out Why!

Scorsese and De Niro Shockingly Silent on 'Goodfellas' Controversial Trigger Warning - Find Out Why!
Scorsese and De Niro Shockingly Silent on 'Goodfellas' Controversial Trigger Warning - Find Out Why!
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Famous actor from the movie “Goodfellas,” Frank Sivero, broke ranks with his notoriously silent peers this week in defense of the celebrated classic. A vocal ally of effective expression, he demands what fellow actors avoid, challenging contemporary intrusion on creative representation. While the global stars like Robert De Niro remain mum, Sivero dares to question and, indeed, unsettle the status quo.

AMC slapped a trigger warning on “Goodfellas” last year amid the Black Lives Matter surge. Despite the film’s cinematic genius, it was deemed potentially offensive due to alleged language and cultural stereotypes ― a stance that left Sivero, who aptly played mob enforcer Frankie Carbone, perplexed. In a candid talk with TMZ, he raised a poignant question – if AMC blurs out the strong language, then why their outrage? Ironically, this iconic actor brilliantly improvised most of his lines ― an artistic choice that is now somehow seen as troubling.

Welcome to the world of hyper-sensitivity, where artistic creations are treated as offensive potentials.

As prominent conservative commentator, Andrew Klavan, observed, Sivero has a point. So, why are the supposed flagbearers of the arts industry — De Niro and the film’s director, Martin Scorsese, maintaining a conspicuous silence?

De Niro appears more preoccupied with ranting about a hypothetical second Trump presidency. His inflated political commentary continues to possess an undeserved spotlight — quite undeservedly so. It’s as baffling as it is embarrassing for an acclaimed actor to decamp from a critical discussion about artistic freedom while he’s engrossed in a divisive public spectacle.

Likewise, Scorsese has shown remarkable silence on this issue. He may have voiced his reservations about Marvel movies, but when it comes to rallying for his film ― where is he? The question becomes more pointed when one considers his uncompromising, audacious talent.

The fundamental issue here is the undue impact trigger warnings impose on free artistic expression. Even those helming the film industry appear either oblivious or deliberately mute on the matter. It looks like political correctness and a fear of violating the set woke guidelines rule Hollywood’s roost.

Silence is not always golden. It can also be the pall that stifles creative protest. Time will tell if more voices like Sivero’s will rise and challenge the unnecessary censorship that threatens the powerful storytelling medium which is cinema — Sivero has begun this journey. Let’s hope he’s not the only one.


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Next News Network Team

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