Is America Prepared for Stephanopoulos’ Newest Controversial Political Commentary? Click to Find Out!

Is America Prepared for Stephanopoulos' Newest Controversial Political Commentary? Click to Find Out!
Is America Prepared for Stephanopoulos' Newest Controversial Political Commentary? Click to Find Out!
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It’s happened again. George Stephanopoulos, the tarnished Clinton-era figure, kicks off ABC News This Week with a blatantly biased editorial.

Take some time to watch his segment from the June 2nd, 2024 episode of ABC News This Week. Stephanopoulos starts his show with a theatrical history lesson. Quoting John Adams, he discusses the importance of representative government. Then, he jumps to Trump’s recent guilty verdict in a criminal trial. He points out this is Trump’s third such verdict in two years and hints at potential further charges. Stephanopoulos concludes by questioning the prospect of a convicted felon becoming leader of the US.

It’s not new for Stephanopoulos to amp up the drama. He recently gave a speech lamenting the gravity of the current election situation. Never in American history, he says, have we seen a president on trial or facing so many accusations. According to him, legal issues are overshadowing the actual campaign trail.

Stephanopoulos also curates his narrative with a reference to a Founding Father. His mission is twofold—use the guilty verdict against Trump to legitimize the trial and verdict in the public eye, while portraying any criticism as an attack on our democratic institutions.

What Stephanopoulos doesn’t address is the controversial nature of the charges which led to Trump’s conviction. Once you peel back the layers, you see it’s a result of government misuse against the President’s political rival. He barely acknowledges the criminal charges are a mishmash of state and federal issues, inflated into felonies.

But it’s convenient for Stephanopoulos and the Regime Media to let these details slide. They’ve got a narrative to maintain. Stephanopoulos, after stressing the high stakes, falls back on the criminal justice system to paint a stark “choice” for his audience. Without Regime Media, we wouldn’t even have this narrative to critique.

So here we have it again—an ABC News This Week episode that provides more drama than news. News reporting should be unbiased and factual, not a platform for partisan theatrics. The public deserves better. Hopefully, the November answer Stephanopoulos seeks will remind him and the rest of the Regime Media that we value true reporting over political posturing.


Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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