You Won’t Believe How Long the Liberal Media Has Been Criticizing Ronald Reagan! Find Out Now!

You Won't Believe How Long the Liberal Media Has Been Criticizing Ronald Reagan! Find Out Now!
You Won't Believe How Long the Liberal Media Has Been Criticizing Ronald Reagan! Find Out Now!
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If there’s one thing we can count on, it’s the media’s consistent misrepresentation of the heroic and transformative legacy of Ronald Reagan, whose influence we remember this week, 20 years on, since his passing. This staunchly conservative Republican President left our nation with unforgettable economic prosperity and paved the way to the peaceful conclusion of the Cold War.

In the years that followed his death, we’ve seen quite a bit of liberal media taking cheap shots at Reagan’s memory, using it as a spearhead to attack the current Republican Party. For instance, in 2015, NBC’s Andrea Mitchell decided to compare Reagan’s sunny optimism and faith in America’s potential for greatness to today’s supposedly “angry” rhetoric. However, it’s worth noting that this wasn’t Mitchell’s tone when Reagan was still around, pushing forward his wildly successful conservative agenda.

The mainstream media held nothing back in their harsh, and incorrect, characterizations of Reagan during his presidency. Despite being painted as clueless, uncaring, and a mouthpiece for the rich, Reagan’s clear-headed, compassionate and individual vision never faltered. Upon looking back, the biased slant of the media against conservatives is painfully clear, often working against their accurate portrayal of significant historical moments.

Statements from media personnel throughout the 80s and 90s reveal their relentless critique of both Reagan and his transformative conservative policies. One wonders how people like Time’s Strobe Talbott, who criticized Reagan’s depiction of the USSR as an ‘evil empire’, feel today, given that history has largely proven Reagan right.

Mainstream media relentlessly attacked Reagan’s economic policies throughout his presidency. They blamed a rise in poverty and homelessness entirely on his administration, overlooked his significant role in ending the Cold War, and continually depicted his governance as idealistic and detached from reality.

Several reporters and commentators, such as Bryant Gumbel and Richard Threlkeld, voiced the belief that Reagan’s policies led to increasing poverty, civil rights indifference, and spiraling urban riots. Even as we headed into the 90s, Reagan was still being blamed for any social or economic issues. The irony, of course, is that these critics often missed the actual cause and effect of Reagan’s policies and the prosperity they resulted in.

No matter the topic, the liberal media was determined to twist stories to fit their anti-Reagan narrative. It’s somewhat amusing that the media thought Reagan was pulling the wool over the public’s eyes when, it seems, the exact opposite was true.

However, the media’s slanted narrative didn’t stop the American people from recognizing Reagan’s numerous accomplishments, nor dampen their affection for him. Many still rightly credit Reagan for leading our country into an era of unmatched growth, prosperity, and international prestige.

In conclusion, despite the biased media’s persistent attempts to mar Reagan’s reputation and accomplishments, his legacy continues to inspire conservatives and prove detractors wrong. Reagan was a dedicated and effective president whose policies continue to resonate with millions of Americans today. Instead of being remembered as an “airhead,” Reagan should be applauded for his clear, unwavering vision that fundamentally transformed America for the better.


Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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